Book Report Writing

Book reports involve the informative discussion of the content of a book/ text while taking an objective perspective. The student engaged in the report writing task is more involved in the activity of summarizing the content of the book i.e. the min ideas and concept than evaluation of the book. One thing to point out is that report writing of books should be brief thus keeping it a maximum of at least 500 words. The first task in report writing is determining the basic information such as the author of the book, the title of the book, year and place of publication as well as the total number of pages. Such details are essential in the introductory segment of the report writing as they inform the readers on which book you shall be discussing in the report writing. This information will give the student a perspective on the authors other works, the genre of the book and how arousing the title of the book is thus making the readers to be drawn to reading the text.
The next step in report writing involves understanding what the book is about. If the book is non-fictional then it must have discussed some ideas and concepts throughout the text, if the text is however fictional focus will be on the characters and how they contribute to the development of the story.
The main section of the report writing task is the summarizing of the content of the book. It is important to gather the main ideas and write about them in your own words. If necessary, cite the page from where specific ideas have been gathered. After the main section of summarizing the content is done, the next step is analyzing of themes, ideas and or characters in the book. Evaluate the main points of the book; discuss major themes and terms introduced in the book and how well they work with the readers.
The final segment after evaluation is the conclusion segment. This is sometimes referred as the recommendation segment where the student will discuss the relevance of the book and suggest areas and individual that may benefit from reading the text. It is also essential to indicate why one would or would not recommend the book.
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