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Living Planet Report by WWF on Biodiversity

Climate change is a natural process of the earth, any mammoth or dinosaur would be able to tell you that, however the rate at which it is currently happening is unnatural. If you were to think of a process your body goes through when a mosquito bites you; you get an itchy-bite, for a few days have a small red bump and then eventually it goes away. This is a natural process if it was left alone. But we don’t leave things alone; in fact humans have a reputation of development, change, growth and get involved in things when perhaps sometimes things should just be left alone. So we itch, we scratch, we infect. The itchy-bite turns an angry red and develops into something a lot more severe than it should have been.

The year 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity, the year that new species continue to be found, but there are more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild. Here in Africa our trademark beast, king of the jungle, the lion is now an endangered species, with experts predicting its extinction in 20 years. These are events happening in our life-time.

According to the Living Planet report in 2007 alone man-kind used 2 planets worth of resources. We already over-shoot the biocapacity of our planet by 50% in 2007 and the carbon footprint has increased by 11 fold since 1961.  71 countries are experiencing stress on blue water sources and here in South Africa we are already predicting water-shortage issues and some rural and small towns are already experiencing them.

As per the ripple effect, biodiversity loss has an impact on ecosystems, causing damage, degrading and eventually leading to a complete collapse. Threats of habitat loss, alteration and fragmentation, over-exploitation of wild species populations, pollution, climate change and invasive species in turn destroy the services that ecosystems give humans for free; regulating services of natural processes, such as water filtration, waste decomposition, climate regulation and crop pollination. Services such as support for regulation of basic ecological functions and processes for example nutrient cycling, photosynthesis and soil formation.  
“Crucially, the dependency of human society on ecosystem services makes the loss of these services a serious threat to the future well-being and development of all people, all around the world” – Living Planet Report; 2010.

Globally there has been a 30% decline in biodiversity. A few examples of individual species include the blue-fin tuna, a fish made famous not only for tuna salad and pasta but by the recent threat of its breeding ground caused by the BP Gulf oil spill earlier this year, has decreased in population by 5.8%. Another example is the leatherback turtle, another species affected by the BP Gulf oil spill, which has declined by 20.5%.

In the report’s biogeographical realms, South Africa is part of “Afrotropical” which shows signs of recovery since the 1990’s where the Living Planet Index was at minus 55%. The statistics differ for each country as in America and Arab Emirates need 4.5 planets to keep up with carbon emissions and consumption used. In India they need less then 50% of a planet.

In an attempt to find ‘greener’ fuel by using bio-fuel, palm oil crops have increased by 8 fold over 20 years, converting 7.8 ha by 2010. This land conversion included forests on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, the home of the Orang-utan. Their population has decreased by 10-fold in two species populations as a result of the deforestation and habitat degradation.

However the report does say that all is not lost. The minimum criteria for sustainability based on available biocapacity of the planet and the human development index “indicates that it is in fact possible for countries to meet these criteria, although major challenges remain for all countries to meet them.”

Minimalist architecture moto “Less is More” approach is needed, not only in architecture and art but from the individual, to nations, to the world. The balance needs to change us getting everything and nature nothing, to nature getting more, more in protected areas, more in conservation, more in investment to recover the damage that has been created over the years and us to getting less and rather using the resources we have already captured.

Policies need to be put into place, renewable energy needs to be improved and implemented and sustainable developments in sectors such as agriculture, mining and fisheries need to grow.

Humans might ‘ich, scratch and infect’ but we also have the ability to learn from past events and use our skills to create ointments to heal.

Celeste writes for South African biodiversity, a media company focusing on conservation and the environment.

Report on the Motion Picture “Zulu”

The 1964 motion picture “Zulu” tells the tale from the defence of Rorke’s Drift by the little garrison of British troops who had been assaulted by at least 4,000 Zulus. The troops held out while the struggles raged in to the night of 22/23 January 1879. In the morning, the Zulus had brought an end to the assault.

The motion picture stars Stanley Baker coupled with Michael Caine with Richard Burton narrating and was a sequel to “Zulu Dawn”. That movie covered the storyline of the Battle of Isandlwana that happened earlier in the day. The initial clips start with the consequences of Isandlwana as Richard Burton narrates a telegram by Lord Chelmsford telling the government of the defeat of Isandlwana. Zulu warriors are seen collecting rifles belonging to the dead British troopers.

Before the battle, Rorke’s Drift was a mission station run by Swedish missionary Otto Witt. While Lord Chelmsford led the men across the Buffalo River and over into Zululand from Natal, a company in the 24th Regiment remained behind at the mission station that was being used as a clinic as well as a supply depot by the British. The two commanding officiers were Lieutenant John Chard from the Royal Engineers performed by Stanley Baker along side Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead of the 24th played by Michael Caine. It was Caine’s first starring role.

The movie shows Chard and some soldiers building a bridge over the Buffalo River. Bromhead returns following a hunting trip and the two exchange words before scouts arrive telling them of the catastrophe at Isandlwana. Chard is seen to assume overall command because he was commissioned just a few months ahead of Bromhead and despite the fact that this is standard operating procedure, it irks Bromhead. They take a look at their options with Lieutenant Joseph Ardendorff of the Natal Native Contingent (NNC) who had been one of the small number of survivors from Isandlwana. Ardendorff is portrayed by Gert Van den Bergh. The Afrikanner describes the Zulu “Horns of the Buffalo” battle tactics. Bromhead feels they must leave although Chard decides to stand and fight on ground of their choosing.

The Reverand Otto Witt and his adult daughter are also in the mission station and attempt to have the troops to flee so as to avoid a battle. Witt convinced troops with the NNC to desert Rorke’s Drift. At that point, Chard orders Witt and his daughter to leave the mission station in their buggy. In the meantime, protective lines of mealie sacks and wagons are being positioned to bolster the defences by joining the store room and the hospital. This is handled under the watch of CSM Frank Bourne played by Nigel Green.

As the Zulu warriors made their way to attack the garrison, Boer horsemen turn up at Rorke’s Drift. In spite of requests from Chard, they leave the British garrison. Not long after the assault begins with ranks of Zulus facing up with the British . The warriors are mown down by targeted fire from the troops of the 24th and they in due course fall back. Next, Zulu sharpshooters in the hillsides start up shooting straight into the mission station and the British suffer their very first deaths and injuries.

The Zulus continue probing with their attacks and inevitably get into the hospital, setting fire to the roof in the process. Private Henry Hook, who has thus far been portrayed as a good for nothing layabout, takes control of the situation inside the hospital as he assists with a breakout of the sick by digging through the walls of the infirmary. The survivors escape the burning hospital across to the final defensive position next to the store house as the conflicts continued into the night.

By morning, the Zulu warriors commenced a war chant in preparation for a last offensive. The men of the 24th responded by singing “Men of Harlech”. The last attack see the Zulus run into a hail of British bullets as three ranks of troops fire volley upon volley into the onrushing Zulu warriors. With such serious losses, the Zulus eventually pull back. The British start to regroup and CSM Bourne takes a role call. The Zulu warriors come back on the hills overlooking the mission station yet rather than attacking, they sing in praise of the “fellow warriors”.

The picture closes with Richard Burton narrating. He reads out the names of the 11 men who were awarded the Victoria Cross for the defence of Rorke’s Drift. The men who were awarded the Victoria Cross were:
– Corporal William Wilson Allen
– Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead
– Lieutenant John Rouse Merriot Chard
– Acting Assistant Commissary James Langley Dalton
– Private Fredrick Hitch
– Private Alfred Henry Hook
– Private Robert Jones
– Private William Jones
– Surgeon Major James Henry Reynolds
– Corporal Christian Ferdinand Schiess
– Private John Williams

In addition, five men were also awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal:
– Colour Sergeant Frank Bourne
– Private John William Roy
– Second Corporal Michael McMahon
– Second Corporal Francis Attwood
– Wheeler John Cantwell

As with just about all films based mostly on a real experience, there are several discrepancies. A few are for artistic licence although others will be oversights for other factors.

The film depicts the 24th Regiment of Foot as a Welsh regiment. Although, it was not renamed the South Wales Borderers until eventually 1881, two years later than Rorke’s Drift. There had been a substantial number (roughly 25%) of men from Wales in B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot but the majority came from England.

The Swedish missionary Otto Witt was shown in the picture that his daughter was grown-up. However, his two children were both infants. On top of that he wasn’t the pacifist the motion picture indicates and had made it clear he didn’t oppose the British intervention with Cetshawayo.

The British rifles were the Martini-Henry which discharged a large .45 round. It was quite capable of causing huge damage on the human body. In the film, the wounds on shot Zulu warriors are small. In one scene in the infirmary, a warrior who was fighting hand to hand with Private Hook was shot in the back while Hook was unscathed. At such short range, the round from the Martini-Henry would have easily gone through the warrior and killed Hook too.

Now, Rorke’s Drift is a tourist location for people who would like to discover more about the Anglo Zulu War of 1879.

Rob Atherton

The First Diabetes Reversal Report

Every year there are many more than 200,000 people who perish from problems considering diabetes. Everywhere you appear increasing numbers of people are becoming suffering from this awful condition. Diabetes is one of the leading factors that cause death in the usa. It is one of several leading factors that cause blindness and causes more than 40 per cent of all of the kidney failures.

An individual suffers from Type we Diabetes these are typically unable to create insulin. The sugar becomes stagnated rather than getting into the cells regarding the human body to produce energy. In about ten percent of Type We diabetic instances, there clearly was a very risky for cardiovascular illnesses, swing, limb amputations along with other vascular disease-related complications. A Type 1 Diabetic often must inject insulin throughout his or her lifetime.

You can find essentially 5 areas that can instantly impact the fight towards reversing diabetic issues and reducing diabetic problems.

1. First of all always take in a lot of liquid. Water will flush out your body and keep you completely hydrated

2. Diet is extremely important whenever reversing diabetic issues. Eating the best meals will help to offer proper nutrition for the cells of the body and continue maintaining your body’s using insulin.

3. Decreasing the level of carbs is very important since these foods will create a top content of sugar. Due to the fact body struggles to-break down the sugar which made by a meal plan high in carbs, it really is quite crucial to eat a balanced diet and to prevent food items which can be too high in carbohydrates.

4. An increase in protein usage is important. Even more protein in what you eat may help using fix of cellular membranes, that could perhaps aid the cells capability to start to accept insulin.

5. Constantly feature vegetables along with your diet. Vegetables will assist you to reverse diabetic symptoms by providing nutrients and a lot of fibre. The fibre will assist in maintaining your body

Diabetes and exercise: it’s obvious that exercise is exceedingly advantageous to the diabetes sufferer. By incorporating these couple of ideas claimed here in this short article and gaining access to the first Diabetes Reversal Report someone can soon commence to reverse the danger facets connected with diabetic issues.

For a 100 % fully guaranteed report on Reversing Diabetes you might go to:

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Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Fix Report

One of the better methods on the activity marketplace today additionally happens to be plagued with the most problems. The avid gamer would unquestionably recognize this faulty system to be the xbox. Since it was first released a couple of years ago, it’s already been hit by one problem after another. One of the more prominent issues that does occur is dubbed the Red Ring of Death; one that shows with an ominous display of three purple lights on the console after a-sudden system turn off. This dilemma affected over 56per cent out of all the original Xbox 360s within the first half a year of the launch. Shockingly, next 12 months, that percentage jumped up to about 84percent. There are a couple of various three red light fixes readily available for xbox 360 console owners.

In response to some class action lawsuits that were submitted by angry Xbox 360 users, Microsoft started supplying a three-year guarantee to cover this particular problem. While this appears like a good solution in theory, giving your broken system in to Microsoft becoming fixed may be a nightmare in and of it self. First, there’s the truly amazing price of time that is lost; it can take between a couple of weeks to two months before your console is returned. Which considerable time for individual whose already covered item to go without having to be able to use it. This is certainly one of many downfalls using this solution, and it is only one of items that has actually required numerous Xbox owners to turn to various other types of fixing their particular system.

Another method popular to repair the xbox systems would be to order a fix system on line. These fix kits have now been proven efficient in switching from the Xbox 360s three red lights. These restoration kits will frequently set you back only $ 30.00. Only 15 to 20 moments of your energy invested in your xbox 360 console, and it’s really working once again.

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Five-year marriage of Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Christina Aguilera is a famous pop singer while Jordan Bratman works as a music marketer. They first met each other in 2002 and tied the knot after five years together. Their marriage seems to be happy. However, Christina and Bratman have made a decision on separation although they have a son named Max. A source tells about the couple: “They were very much in love. But over the last six months, it became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife.”. It was Aguilera who shared her thought that although Jordan and she split up, their commitment to their son Max remained as strong as ever. It was reported that Aguilera filed for divorce from Bratman on October 14th, 2010.


Christina first met music executive Jordan Bratman in 2002. After three-year dating, the couple decided to get married in Napa Valley, California in November, 2005.


Aguilera showed off her wedding ring in a party in December 2005


Christina and Jordan Bratman pose with each other at a Halloween party in New York City.


The couple enjoyed happy time at Disneyland in Anaheim in February 2007 after Christina was awarded a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal thanks to “Ain’t No Other Man”


In September, Aguilera started to be pregnant and gave birth to Max in January 2008. She was proud of Bratman’s parenting skills


Christina and Bratman were spotted to have dinner at a restaurant in October 2007.


In December 2009 when Max was one year old, the couple attempted to find the best school for their lovely son. Four years later, she had the desire to give Max a brother or a sister.


On 2010 Father’s Day, the whole family members went shopping and then had lunch in Venice, California.


Christina and Bratman took a trip to Italy to heal their broken relationship in August 2010. However, all her best try didn’t work.


In October 2010, Christina announced that they had split up for several months.


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I am the fan of news on society and culture. I am currently the lecturer in social major. In free time, I am fond of reading articles and joining social activities.

Eczema Free Forever Assessment

This ‘Eczema Free Forever’ analysis is mostly about an amazing eBook that i came across on the net, which addresses one of the constant annoyances that plagued me inside my previous 45 years: eczema.

The introduction states there are 15 million eczema victims into the U.S., and that one in five infants is suffering from this common condition of the skin. The author of guide goes into information about his or her own son which suffered a dreadful situation and which inspired him to search for a remedy.

The very first part offered a information regarding the condition We have previously look over. What exactly is Eczema?Without significant health terminology and numerous photos and illustrations!

Chapter Two is targeted on the precise topic, and tells you the sorts of eczema that are discovered loads and never such – and a variety of photos. The contributing factors and symptoms are thoroughly described for every sorts of eczema. I came across the area on contaminants becoming of good interest, as I have always been extremely sensitive to pollens and just what not. I happened to be really amazed whenever I discovered that many allergens cause eczema, including the tresses of my dog!

this might be chapter 3 of this text. Eczema & Food’ ended up being an eye-opener for me. I did not recognize that the only approach to eradicate eczema would be to enhance my disease fighting capability, which this part describes in great information simple tips to do through changing the meals you eat. In addition has actually great tips on quickly detoxifying yourself and establishing your immunity system straight.

The fourth section details the treatment which starts with three days of cleansing and diet modifications comprising typical items found in neighborhood store. The substances it’s composed of are evened out through their Biocidic. zero % Bacteriostatic (25%), Bioactive (half or 50%) plus biogenic (25percent) attributes. A comprehensive selection of required things is given, it is thereforen’t necessary to understand the meaning of ‘biogenic’ at first. We will give you a menu, also referred to as a ‘sample selection’ should you therefore want. The natural corn soup and merely ripened avocado may be the one I like ideal.

Within the fifth part, many eczema cure guidelines and options for individuals in pain with this particular condition like our company is. I consequently found out that installing a humidifier inside our dried out environment assisted immensely with the irritation that appears to be seasonal through the dryer winters here. It even includes a segment on remedies for youngsters that does not rely on food alternatives. It is fantastic, because you are aware of how picky they could be when it comes to testing out various foods. We offered the home made oatmeal soak an attempt also, after instructions for changing basic oatmeal into a tranquil bath knowledge.

Component 6. There are numerous natural supplements like evening primrose, seafood natural oils, and probiotics which can be implemented to conquer eczema and possibly also cure it. I liked the straightforward strategy the author makes use of to explain things, ensuring to give you clear guidelines, in order to lessen the chance of any errors. I became formerly unfamiliar with many vitamin supplements, so that the guidance allowed me to evaluate and get these kinds of items with more confidence.

The writer’s finishing and reassuring declaration within section seven you can find additional details about therapy regimens, including a summary of information presented around this time. It is also said the girl that someone should be itch-free in more or less ten days, just about considering the person.

I need to state that since including probiotic supplements when it comes to previous couple of months my diet features enhanced, why just previously 7 days we have experienced relief and all without additional trips on skin doctor or needing to purchase over-priced prescriptions. I really do believe this a miracle treatment most likely.

Francisco Lastra had written a thorough Eczema totally free Forever Review. If you’d like information regarding other skin affections such as cold lesions don’t forget to discover cool Sore Free Forever Assessment.

The Thirty-Something-Year-Old Little Girl

What are you doing? Reading Enid Blyton all over again? How old are you? Why are you watching YouTube videos about young celebrities? They’re kids, for goodness’ sakes! How come you visit TMZ and eOnline so many times a day? And I like Robert Pattinson, for your information, and some other moms actually think I am bonkers.

That’s what I get, CONSISTENTLY, when I tell people what I do during my free time. Watching celebrity interviews, goggling and Googling young, hot celebrities and reading children’s books… I’ll admit that it is not something that a thirty-something woman does with her free time.

Well, you know what? I’ll continue doing it until I don’t feel like doing it anymore because doing these things makes women like me feel younger. It keeps things in a, sort of, dream-like state and takes us away from reality (if that is what one is looking for) because reality can be (very often) overwhelming.

Outdoors and trying to feel alive

The other thing that women MY AGE should do is to get outdoors and have some real fun! I’ve not been on a bicycle since I touched my twenties and when I did it again, the feeling was liberating. It’s like you’ve been waiting for the candy for years and years and years only to be told that you can’t because it’ll all go to your nether regions behind; and then one day, someone hands you the candy.

Liberating is the word.

Keeping your heart young

You know how we complain to our neighbors or best-friend about how boring life is because you’re caught in this endless cycle of chores that never ends. I mean, really… does it ever end? You think you’re done with the batch of laundry? Done? Think again. Here comes another batch.

The conundrum of everyday life… sigh… if it doesn’t catch you now, it’ll catch you sooner of later and if you don’t put effort into keeping your heart from getting old, you will EVENTUALLY feel a little lived-out. Like you’ve lived but not lived enough. What a horrible feeling that must be.

Pushing yourself to do those things simply because…

I know, I know… there will be doubts, there will be questions about how will you ever find the time? About the floor’s going to be filthy? Or your clients are going to be calling you?

But if we really see the benefits of doing something that makes that little girl (or guy) in us happy, we schedule ourselves into our organizer… that’s what we do!

If your job or family members or business is important enough for you to schedule in an appointment for them, then aren’t YOU important enough for you to schedule YOURSELF in too?

Marsha Maung is a Malaysian-based freelance copywriter with two kids. She spends her time ferrying her kids around, watering her plants, writing web content, SEO stuff, ghostwriting books and also indulges in the occasional Facebooking. Visit her blog for more dirty details on the life and times of a mother, writer, designer, housekeeper, coffee-maker, poop-wiper, chef… and just about everything else under the sun.

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