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3rd Annual Conference- Fuel Cell Durability & Performance 2007 – Stationary, Automotive & Portable Devices — Aarkstore Enterprise

The 3rd annual meeting in The Knowledge Foundation’s Fuel Cells Durability & Performance series will provide an interdisciplinary discussion forum for fuel cell developers, manufacturers and suppliers working in the fields of fuel cells materials, stacks, system design, fabrication, and testing. The objectives of this meeting are: to discuss the latest innovations and emerging durability and performance issues common for all fuel cell systems, and specific to different types, designs, and sizes of fuel cells; to bring the attention of the testing systems, standards, and regulations development community to the current hurdles preventing fuel cells systems from large scale commercialization.

Table of Contents :

Thursday, November 15, 2007

8:00 Registration, Exhibit Viewing/Poster Setup, Coffee and Pastries

9:00 The President’s Hydrogen Fuel Initiative: Improving Fuel Cell Durability & Performance
Nancy Garland, PhD, Acting Fuel Cell Team Leader, Office of Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies, The U.S. Department of Energy

The Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Program recently initiated new research and development projects aimed at reducing component cost and increasing stack durability and performance of transportation and stationary fuel cells. Updated progress in the Program including highlights from the new projects from will be presented. There has been recent interest globally in the introduction of fuel cells to the marketplace because they can drastically reduce the time to recharge/refuel and because of their reliability. New market transformation activities in the Program such as forklifts for distribution centers will be discussed.

9:30 Technology Development Needs for Stationary and Transportation Fuel Cells
Tom Jarvi, PhD, Director, Technology Development, UTC Power, United Technologies

To enable broad commercial applicability, fuel cell technologies must be made significantly more affordable while maintaining or enhancing durability and performance. Previously, industry and academia have focused primarily on understanding and enhancing performance. In recent years, it has become apparent that the performance requirements of many applications can largely be met, and the focus has shifted to increasing durability and reducing cost. This talk will attempt to clarify the significant challenge that simultaneously meeting cost and durability requirements represents for fuel cell products.

10:00 An Automotive Perspective on Durability Protocol Challenges from Single Cells to Fuel Cell Vehicle Systems and Industry Needs
Jesse M. Schneider, Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicle Systems, Advanced Vehicle Engineering, DaimlerChrysler Corporation

Durability of PEM technology in dynamic ranges, though much progress has been made in recent years, are not yet up to the level of conventional vehicle powertrains. Public durability protocols (from the USFCC, US DOE, JARI, for example) are helpful for establishing a baseline for the state of the art of the technology in single cells. But these aren’t yet commonized due to a number of reasons. Also, it is too early to standardize the protocols as the technology evolves, but guidelines or protocols are needed. There are many challenges involved in establishing such single cell protocols, due to different operating conditions. Also, there are potential degradation effects not only to the catalyst and membrane, but also due to hydrogen impurities. For automotive applications, fuel cell systems, durability protocols are considered intellectual property, making it difficult to establish a common guideline or standard. However there is a draft standard initiated at SAE (J2722) which is attempting to establish a drive durability cycle baseline.

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2007, Information On The Convening Of The Annual Notice Of The Steel – Steel, Industry, Annual

China Steel Industry Association, Department file

Letter Steel Association [2007] 28 2007, information on the convening of the annual notice of Steel

The relevant enterprises, members of units:

For better information to carry out the work of Chinese steel, iron and steel industry-related service enterprises and users, we will be in September 2007 from 21 to 23, held in Changsha, the “2007 Annual Steel Information” This session will summarize the information in 2007 China’s iron and steel work, study how the new situation in the steel business of information sharing and information collection means and methods of how to achieve rapid response to information, information on how to play a guiding role.

Now related to the content of this meeting notice as follows:

Of the session and issues the main content

1, summary information on the work of steel in 2007, research to determine the next step of work;

On the “advanced unit in 2007, information work” and “2007 Outstanding Steel information officer” to commend.

2, research and exchange in the new situation, how to achieve China’s iron and steel enterprise information resource sharing and mutual communication of information and information collection, collation and analysis.

3, research and exchange of information to serve the enterprise marketing and business energy conservation analysis.

Second, the meeting participants and prepare materials

Business information and marketing departments of leading department heads, steel information officers.

Officers attended the meeting, please fill out the receipt (see annex), at the end of August before the fax to the China Iron and Steel Industry Association Information and Statistics Department, fax (010) 65133824/65225545, or send E-mail to cn.

Delegates meeting topics or companies under the circumstances, material or paper to write an experience, at the end of August before the by-mail ( sent to the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Ministry of Information and Statistics Division reviewed the comprehensive information, we preferential arrangements will speak at the meeting to exchange or in the “Steel Information” journals.

3, meeting time and place 2007 September 21 ~ 23 in the Hunan Provincial Guest House (20 North Road, Changsha, Shaoshan) meeting (20 September daily to). Conference fee: 800 yuan / person, information, room and board take care of themselves, the meeting without subsidies.

4, Contact 1, China Iron and Steel Industry Association Information and Statistics Division

Contact: Xue Hai Liu Baolin Wang

Tel: (010) 65133824 or 65133322-1331/1332

Fax: (010) 65133824/65225545 Mailbox: 2, Hunan Provincial Guest House Contact: Shi Xiangdong 13972001719 Zhou Feifei 13677175558 Five car line 1, the railway station take a bus (2 stops) to Datong primary station is about 50 meters walk to the train station is within 3 km to the taxi.

2, Changsha Huanghua Airport take the airport bus to the city (31 km) 51 Station Road, air ticket and then transfer to the Yuan Jialing 12 bus stop, walk north about 500 meters or 51 Road is to After the air ticket Station take a taxi (2 km) within which to.

Annex: 2007 Annual receipt Steel Information

2?? Years July 19 Annex: 2007 Annual receipt Steel Information

Participants name: ; Gender: ; Post: National:


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