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The 2010 Annual Meeting In Hainan Xiao Mobilization Meeting / Map

2009, has quietly left us in 2010, You Yi new look at us, at this moment toot, on Hainan Xiao Fire Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. in January 8th, 2010 at the first floor conference room at the company’s 2010 annual meeting of the mobilization meeting, welcomed the new year work plan and goals, company leaders and staff attended the meeting.

Working to mobilize the General Assembly

Meeting chaired by the Deputy General Manager Shengyuan Ming. Meeting first reported by the departments share the department intends to major work in 2010. Marketing Manager Wu investment and development market, according to the 2010 work of the Department Rules dwell on a daily basis to expand the company’s market competitiveness, enhance the turnover of the target, each job, everything holding company, on corporate responsibility, improve service quality, be responsive, available at home, stick to principles, not ultra vires, does not own decisions and their dedication and work attitude and work style of doing marketing for each work; project Technology Xiao, vice president of package? On engineering technology combined with a number of key areas of work and content is steadily Technology job duties, adhere to technical consulting and technical services to provide customers with quality service, enhance technical skills, team strength for the company’s technology development and more contribute; Xu vice president of engineering management to report to “deepen the management, strengthen security,” the progress of efforts to achieve quality and safety of the combination of strict positioning the company to achieve “meticulous management, full-service” task; Wu Deputy reported on the work of the Office of the major efforts to improve the level and quality of service, to carry out rushed superior activities, to strengthen contract management and vehicle management, efforts to promote good corporate image, increase efforts to promote, the depth and breadth, serious implementation of the company The job requirements and responsibilities, better all-round good office work; Yao Assistant combines the work of a strict financial management of the examination and approval system with a paragraph, increase the contract review and expand the demand for professionals, such as to continuously improve financial work of the task; Sheng Deputy efforts to do the work on personnel management and personnel management system and continually improve corporate performance appraisal system, personnel training and the introduction of actively doing to develop in-house training programs, manpower development for the company protection, the company’s labor and personnel doing the work.

Last chairman, general manager Qiu-Rong Li made his concluding remarks at the meeting. First, the General Lee over the past decade review the company’s development process, on the last two five-year plan to achieve that certainly hope that we consolidate and carry forward the achievements of the past ten years the fund will always stick to business brand development. General Lee said: Expo 2010 is the year, also will be an extraordinary year, is an important year for development of the company, all employees must be mindful of the potential should not only fully reckon with some of the difficulties, the response Some measures to consider more carefully, but also pay attention to changing circumstances in the development of capture and grasp the rare opportunity to discover and nurture the positive factors to speed up the pace of reform, do well in transition. Its main contents are: a new thinking in development; 2 in the services need new ideas; three have new ideas in the guiding ideology; four new measures in the management of the need. We must set high standards, high starting point, and further inspired, pioneering spirit, do solid work, with full enthusiasm, serious working attitude, in accordance with the main points of the company in 2010 as a guide, every effort of the work in 2010, with concrete action to write the CLS chapter’s new year!

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Australian Consumer Deposits 2010 – Market Research Report On Aarkstore Enterprise


Australian retail deposits customers remain the key focus for all financial services (FS) providers. However, given the increasing competition within this space, FS providers need to understand each of the consumer segments and devise appropriate strategies to achieve their long-term objectives. This report assesses consumer attitudes towards transaction and savings accounts in Australia.


*Assesses the current state of Australian deposit consumers

*Investigates consumer attitudes in using their deposit products

*Analyzes switching factors and the underlying reasons to switch products

*Suggests some opportunities in targeting specific consumer segments


In the context of Australian FS providers, the importance of a segmented-strategy approach is becoming apparent, allowing as it does FS providers to identify and target the most attractive segments to achieve their goals as competition in retail deposits intensifies.

Understanding needs among different consumer segments are crucial. For example, Gen Ys are twice as receptive as Gen Xs to special offers on deposit products and they rank fees and interest rates higher than any other age group.

This report provides actionable insights, such as targeting younger generations and using alternative communication channels to integrate within consumer lifestyles, and also provides lessons on product design from overseas.

Reasons to Purchase

*Understand the current mindset of Australian deposit consumers

*Identify the main factors to attract specific consumer segments in retail deposits

*Provide actionable insights on how to approach Australia deposit consumers after the global economic crisis

Table of Contents :

Overview 1
Catalyst 1
Summary 1
Executive Summary 2
Understanding consumer behavior across the four stages of the product cycle 2
Consumers are looking for independent sources of information 2
Online applications for savings accounts are increasing 2
Internet banking has become a common way of banking 3
While a minority have switched, it does not mean that the majority are happy with their transaction provider 3
Targeting specific consumer deposit segments 4
Youth banking programs serve to acquire new customers at an early stage of their banking 4
Reaching deposit customers through social media 5
Premium transaction accounts may reach niche consumer segments in Australia 5
Table of figures 7
Table of tables 8
Understanding Australian Deposit Consumers 9
The shape of Australian retail deposits 9
Both the savings and transaction accounts markets are extremely competitive 9
Changes in regulations drive consumers behavior 9
Big banks claimed the majority of deposits in the last 12 months 10
In the past year, 87% of household savings went to the four major banks 10
The major banks act as main financial institutions for 64% of Australians 10
FS providers in Australia need to identify and target the most attractive segments 11
The importance of a segmentation strategy in a mature market cannot be underestimated 11
New products launched in the last 12 months are focusing on specific consumer segments 12
Four important segments based on Australian demographics 12
Consumer Insights: Understanding the Four Stages of the Product Lifecycle 13
Research: a process of narrowing down choices based on consumers needs 14
Consumers are looking for independent sources of information 14
Different consumer segments have different reasons to choose their provider 17
Gen Ys are price-sensitive, and look for independent opinions and special offers 18
Gen Xs are likely to go with their mortgage provider or take product bundles for a transaction account 18
Baby Boomers value convenient banking and good service 18
Retirees look for service, stability and security 18
Apply: a step to win customers 19
Branch is still a dominant channel through which to apply for a transaction account 19
Online applications for savings accounts are increasing 20
Consumers are still facing low level of experience in applying online deposit products 21
Use: a process for consumers to test the products/services 23
Electronic transactions are dominating consumers banking 23
Internet banking has become commonplace 24
Online savings accounts are popular among consumers 25
Most Australian consumers hold both their transaction and savings account with one provider 25
Gen Xs represent more disciplined savers than any other group 26
Switch: a result of a mismatch between product/services and their users 26
While a minority have switched, it does not mean the majority are happy with their transaction provider 26
ANZ claimed the most number of consumers who have switched 28
Other than fees, convenience factors are clear drivers of consumer switching 29
Good service is the key factor to retaining savings account customers 30
Targeting Specific Consumer Deposit Segments 31
Youth banking programs serve to acquire new customers at an early stage of their banking 31
Acquiring custom by integrating with early stages of consumers lifestyles is a sound strategy 31
CBA has 41% penetration of customers at an early age (18-30 years old) 31
CBA customers as a whole join the bank at a younger age than any other banks consumers in Australia 31
Case study: CBAs youth banking programs 32
School banking programs 32
Engaging young generations through online mini-sites and merchandize 33
Premium transaction accounts may reach niche consumer segments in Australia 34
The trend of premium transaction accounts has seen growth in the UK 34
Premium transaction accounts target the young and wealthy segment 35
Premium transaction accounts represent a new opportunity in the Australian retail deposit market 37
Reaching deposit customers through social media 37
Gen Ys look for opinions from someone on deposit products, but not from a bank 37
Community involvement needs to include social media 37
Definitions 54
Bonus savings account 54
Cash management account (CMA) 54
Direct charging fee 54
Main financial institution (MFI) 54
Mortgage Offset Account 54
Online savings account 54
Retail deposits 54
Methodology 54
Further reading 55
Ask the analyst 55
Datamonitor consulting 55
Disclaimer 55

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2010 Mobile Trend Report

Ten years ago, a mobile phone could barely fit in a purse, let alone your pocket. And more importantly, it was just a mobile phone — calls only. Today, all of your entertainment and communication needs can fit into the back pocket of your Levis. In fact, you have more processing power in your pocket than Apollo 11 had to put two men on the moon. It’s your connectivity to the world and fun: texting, phone, email, movies, calendar, internet, GPS, weather, apps, games and the list goes on.

Over 42 million people in the US enjoy the incredible tech power in smartphones and there are over 270 million mobile subscribers in America. As more users upgrade to a smartphone, particularly the 80 million Baby Boomers, expect a mobile revolution. Accordingly, brands need to optimize websites for mobile, develop apps, create mobile marketplaces and advertisers and mobile developers could cash in on an estimated $ 3.3 trillion mobile market by 2013.

Top 5 Tips for Mobile Web Optimization – As more mobile users access websites through search engines (34 percent increase from ‘08-’09), there is a growing need to ensure mobile browsing experience is simple and user-friendly. To help you develop a successful, engaging user experience on iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and more, we provide a few tips to get you started.

Attention all brands: Apps are the New Website — Branded apps are not, however, mandatory… for now. The growing app tidal wave is an opportunity for brands to engage and entertain current and acquire new users. Just as websites are the cost of developing a business, apps will be soon be another mandatory marketing expense.

Mobile is the Next Smart Platform – Mobile has the web capabilities of desktop computers and incorporates a powerful secondary element: location. Blending web intelligence with geo-location, mobile is the next smart platform.

Google: the Future of Mobile Advertising? — While Google’s mobile ad platform takes a backseat to Apple today, many experts predict the combination of Google’s ad targeting technology and Android growth positions the search giant to jump in the drivers seat and take the lead in what is projected to be a $ 3.3 billion dollar market by 2013.

Mobile Shopping Crossing the Chasm – With e-marketplaces like Amazon, consumers are information explorers, curating all digital resources to find the most relevant content. And…

To read more about mobile trends, go to Sparxoo, a digital marketing, branding and business development blog.

Sparxoo is a business blog that inspires breakthrough by tomorrow’s leaders. We are a strategy consulting firm with a pulse on marketing, branding, and development.

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After A Good Helper Hold The 2010 National Annual Installed Products Division

2010 2 1st, the “sharp sword 2010. The basis of achievements in the future” as the theme in 2010 after the installation of domestic products division annual meeting, a good helper in the electronics industry base complex opened on the first floor conference room harmony. 2010

sharp sword. Based on future success. Chinese auto industries have increasingly competitive market and a severe test, the key objective of our sharp sword is that we must dare to Sword, Sword only dare to gallant general, we can have hope to win. The protection of our victory is our unbreakable foundation, foundation is not strong, the earth was moving, not unbreakable foundation, we have no forward momentum, all to become a forest without trees, without a source of water. The basis of deciding, based on achievements in the future, based on leading the future!

Before the General Assembly, all participants singing “Sam’s Big Dipper”, singing the enthusiasm, passion and confidence! Then, after the installation of domestic product general manager Wu Huayi, deputy general manager Li Bing, Liu, Senior Manager, Customer Service waves, Minister of Commerce Duan Lei, Finance Minister Hu after the beginning of loading, after loading the Minister of Human Resources Management, Mei Lin has in the General Assembly made a work report.

Afternoon, board member, Institute of Manufacturing Division, the product management center and other leaders attended the annual meeting. From January 26 to 30, after the installation of domestic sales of the elite for a period of five days of “jade training camp” for you sales teams, all-round exercise, trained to have a good helper powerful marketing Corps the afternoon session, play the “Our Story” video, which shows a good helper marketing Corps presence.

Short statement afterwards, caska category Marketing Center Deputy Director Kang Jichun, Branch, deputy director of marketing Traders category Wong Yat Tung, HBS marketing category Yue Qiang Wei, deputy director of the 2010 plan were described. Intelligent Electronics Research Institute Lihua Gui, manufacturing general manager Chen Sijie, Minister Xie Meng product management center were described in the General Assembly in 2010 the company product development, product planning, information on various aspects of manufacturing.

In the past year, in the fierce market competition, emergence of large numbers of outstanding individuals and teams, in order to thank them for their contributions to the company, thank them for their hard work pay, held a “Customer Star” “Sales Star”, “highest honor, President”, “Chairman Award” grand prize award ceremony. Prayer flag show anger armed forces, caska strive for hegemony the world, Li-jun book 100 will roar, Section Traders shock Divine, horn ring cavalry flying, HBS windy heaven and earth. 2010, bigger battlefield soldiers! After installation, general manager of marketing for the National Army commander Wu Huayi conducted the flag presentation ceremony for the Army.

Finally, Lucan Guang chairman, Luo Dajun president delivered an important speech at the conference, pointed out the good helper of electronic strategic development goals the next three years, has greatly encouraged the majority of sales people to fight. Secretary for the General Assembly in majestic song to pull down the curtain.

Night, after the installation of domestic products division brigade all the staff in the Sanshui Branch, held a “hustle and bustle of Spring,” a reception to celebrate Chinese New Year dinner and show, the dinner scene, magnificent, singing and dancing and singing, enjoyable, sketch two-person show, wreathed in smiles, as well as award repeatedly pumping, my colleagues are friendly and wave after wave. After the installation of domestic product in 2010 Spring Festival evening party full of Division lively, happy, cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

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Jiuding Create Momentum By Winning 10 Of 2010, Agents Of Honor Annual Doosan – Doosan, Agents Yearly

“Jiuding trend by winning 10 of Wing Chong”
—– Doosan Construction Machinery (Asia) Co., Ltd. 2010 Proxy Business New Year might control
2010 1 13 in dynamic city of Hong-Kong manner ahead, Doosan Infracore (China) restricted will be held as scheduled New Year’s representative, Doosan Group, Park Yong-long tv show, Doosan Infracore Cui “N hammer to guard, be upheld Robin? RB vulgar Fei Fei Jiao bare? worry sound / roentgen vent? Xing Xun? Drive R widow coriander? hate Director Compensation q trillion, Doosan Engineering Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. Hong another? leading organizations such as for instance General Manager , agents and media associates with respect to a total greater than 160 friends collected. Doosan is a huge family gathering, we tour the Xiang River, Dramas show-off the wonderful evening view of Hong-Kong.

Doosan Infracore Park Yong-long keynote message celebration
During the conference the business Sell And strategic sectors reported on company’s long-term strategic direction and concentrate associated with the 2010 deployment. Jindong Zhe, vice-president made an important message, confirmed the agency last year, the face of complex and difficult market problems continue to over-achieve targets, overall performance, 2010 will face more severe market conditions and representatives on the best way to Doosan detailed description of reaction, and encourage agents to set down their burden easier to move ahead to more recent and greater goals. Doosan outstanding agent of active representatives into members to talk about their particular successful knowledge, therefore the improvement Doosan rationalization proposition. Doosan Infracore

supper party very long and Park Yong Choi “N hammer was upheld right mythical bird with one eye and another wing? 009 agents into the most useful overall performance awarded honorary medals and service vehicles for business in ’09 made considerable contribution to encourage. Park Yong-long celebration in the address said: “last year, for all of us have actually a far more hard 12 months. The outbreak associated with the second half of 2008 Financial Crisis, causing many areas outside Asia’s genuine economic climate features shrunk dramatically, building machinery market declines, industry competitors intensified. Despite troubles, in 2009 with all the worldwide struggle Shanren DoosanInfracore common fight, and ultimately the impressive sales overall performance, inner reform and enhanced competition has also made various other significant results. To further consolidate the worldwide condition of Doosan, our 2008 acquisition associated with Bobcat, Moxy, and DoosanMottrol carried out an internal integration, and formed a veritable “OneDoosan” system, given that “GlobalTop3” laid a great foundation for leap. In particular, Doosan Infracore (China) Co., Ltd., during 2009 to continue the rapid growth of the sight of achieving DoosanInfracore played a respected role. A year ago, sales within the domestic marketplace achieved 14,584 devices, a overall performance previously, particularly in August 2009, we in China Excavator complete marketplace sales regarding the first to beyond 7 million products, lead excavator industry. Consolidated once again leading businesses in Asia’s building machinery business place, corporate adhering to the “reasonable profit, pay back the city” company philosophy, proceeded to guide China’s venture Hope and some public welfare, 24 in China Donation Hope main class. Into the building equipment extensive assessment associated with media and clients, we have won 7 consecutive years of customer care very first achievement could be the combination of our industry leading position. “Park Yong-long tv show additionally unique for your requirements has-been quietly supporting the families of veterans agent expressing my genuine appreciation into the broker on the part of the categories of compliments blossoms and gift suggestions.

Dinner at Choi “N hammer to eliminate mom party ever before to be upheld? Mei hill olive base of Paul White blending Shuo hoot? Change? Cone?? Coast Bi Jian Fei Fei Gu? 4 Ru was upheld ? Du troubled Pan? Fei blanket cast Fei Jie Huang Harrier? Shun matte umbrella? lobalTop3 “vision, this season in addition carried on on the basis of relationship and trust, benefiting from the growth momentum during 2009, make persistent attempts to produce new splendor this year.

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