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2012 Report Card

“Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point,” said Scrooge, “answer me one question. Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?” Still the Ghost pointed downward to the grave by which it stood. “Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead,” said Scrooge. “But if the courses be departed from, the ends will change. Say it is thus with what you show me.” Most everyone is familiar with the Dickens’s classic, “A Christmas Carol.” The above is a quote from the fourth Stave where Scrooge stands before his own grave. Like many great social novelists, there are many layers of meaning in their immortal words, if one would but take the time to listen. Often, humanity is offered portents of its future, but all too often, we fail to head the words and warnings. With barely only two years left to 2012, let’s look at the ‘stone’ to which the ‘Ghost” points.

We are all familiar with the prophecies of Nostradamus, the Mayan Calendar, the End Times scenario, the sage words of the Hopi, the I Ching, and warnings by other great seers and cultures regarding December 21st, 2012. Critics claim that this is all hype and that such prophecies are but myths that sell books, but which have no efficacy. They point to the many doomsday predictions prior to the dawn of each millennia and the fact that each such event, was a non-event. So, is the 2012 phenomena just hype? Is there anything different now that would warrant closer inspection?

Let’s create a little 2012 Report Card and see. The focus here is not on numbers and statistics. Those can be found on thousands internet sites. Let’s just create an overview and determine if there is anything to worry about. Since the economy has been captivating the news for the past year, it would be a good starting point. There is little doubt the world economy is in recession. Even after spending trillions of dollars, governments have been unable to totally stabilize downward economic trends. Yes, Wall Street has had a few rebounds, but Wall Street is not the entire economy. There are still more layoffs, foreclosures, and consumer spending and confidence is down. This is not just in the U.S., but globally. Of importance is the fact that the apparent goal of government efforts is to try to return the economy to the old model of business. Companies produce, you spend, you throw away, and buy again. This is no longer a sustainable economic model. While there has been a lot of talk regarding ‘green products’ and there are fringe economists promoting more sustainable economic theories, the impact of this movement is, so far, negligible. On a “pass/fail” basis, I give us a fail with respect to the economy.

Sustainable energy is another subject for consideration. There has been lots of chatter regarding alternative energy and environmentally friendly energy sources. Wind farms have been built, appliances are a bit more efficient, and there is serious research into expanding solar, tidal, geothermal, hydrogen, biofuel and other possible energy sources. However, there can be little doubt that we are still an oil based society. Much research on these alternatives began during the Arab oil embargo in the early seventies. It stopped when oil prices receded. It seems that just as alternatives become more economically viable, oil prices drop just enough to slow progress and investment. As a percentage of total energy output, alternatives are a very small factor. Actions and efforts here must be given a ‘fail’ grade, largely due to the fact that time is not on our side.

Climate change is the next, and perhaps most overriding of concerns; all else hinges upon this one danger. It matters not in this discourse who is responsible for climate change. It is happening now; it is out of control and it is happening at an accelerated rate. Temperatures are changing, waters are rising, glaciers are melting, storms are more severe, there are growing droughts and floods and lives are being lost and dramatically altered now. We receive a ‘failing’ grade in this category for several fundamental reasons. World leaders are continuing to fail at addressing this issue. Summit after summit fails to produce and results. There is still a blind perception that we have until 2020 or 2050 to deal with the issues. We do not. Governments are hiding and suppressing climate change data. Corporations are spending billions claiming that climate change is a hoax. Governments have failed to connect the dots from climate to the economy. Governments have failed to, at least publicly, to create plans to deal with the growing concerns over environmental refugees. While there is concern over the security threats that climate change creates, little is being done to figure out where hundreds of millions will go as seas rise, drinking water sources dry up, and food production declines. Perhaps the lack of response is the response.

If we examine the issues of war, politics and peace, we once again receive a ‘failing’ grade. There are hundreds of wars in progress, terrorism is alive and well, genocide have been ignored, the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, N. Korea and many African nations are a mess and their appears to be little progress in establishing peace among nations. Government corruption is forever in the news and nations just do not appear to be able to work in concert on any major global issue. Nationalism is on the rise and clashes of cultures flare as people have increased their mobility. There is a rise in fringe and extremist groups and gaps between rich and poor continue to widen.

Religion and science is an interesting topic in this grading system. On the one hand, religions are in turmoil and there is growing strife within and between organized religions. On the other hand, there is a continued growth in spirituality that embraces humanity’s unity and oneness. With respect to science, it is still at odds with most religions but, the gap is closing with respect to spirituality. By science, I do not mean new gadgets or technologies, but rather the progress in quantum physics regarding the nature of the universe. The gap between the scientist and the mystic is narrowing and a more unified theory of being is at hand. Unfortunately, since religions are still powerful and play a lead role in the politics of many nations, we have to assign a ‘failing’ grade here also.

Clearly, more topics could be covered. Education, the role of the family, equality among races and other social concerns have seen some progress, but again, the problems are still growing and solutions are far and few between. Humanity, like Scrooge, stands before his grave. The Ghost before us is all of the prophets who have pointed to this time of change. What is different now from times past is that every aspect of our existence on the planet is in turmoil. We have had economic problems in the past. We have seen many great wars. There has been religious strife. We have had mini ice ages, periods of drought and severe weather. The difference is that all of these things are happening at once and not over scattered periods of time. Add to all of this the great unknown of our solar systems alignment with the galactic core, polarity shift (which appears to have started), and things like the Solar maximum for sunspots, and plot grows even thicker. So once again, “Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead,” said Scrooge. “But if the courses be departed from, the ends will change. Say it is thus with what you show me.” There is a time factor to consider in the plea of scrooge. Even if we depart, which I have shown we have not, from our courses, certain ends will result. The seers of days past saw the path we were on. They took us to the stone and pointed the way to change. Truly, if we change our course, the ends will be altered. But is anyone listening? At this point, 2012 looks to be a raucous time.

Mr. Harris was born in Massachusetts. He attended The American University in Washington, D.C. and received his degree in Political Science. His graduate work was done at the University of Northern Colorado and Howard University. He spent several years working for local and regional and state government agencies. He worked on a White House Task Force and served as Rural Policy Coordinator at the FRCouncil of New England.

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2012 Horoscopes with Yearly 2012 Calendars

Every one is worried about their future. Especially in the present world where competition is tough in every field, people have no safety for their life. It is very difficult to get a job after education and even if there is a job, there is no guarantee that they will continue the job for a long time. As new developments in technology are happening day by day, the old stuff will always have to leave the way for the new one. At this juncture, there is no doubt that people are becoming more religious and more devotional. They feel God as the only source upon which they can rely on. This new trend has increased the scope for astrology and horoscope predictions. Taking this as a chance many media are coming up with free 2012 horoscope along with their new year edition. Some business organizations are coming up with 2012 calendar including the horoscope and certain other astrological predictions in general.

The rationalists have already dismissed astrology as just another miracle created to attract more people. But those, who are in the field of astrology, vouch the authenticity of it. According to them, various planets and stars have a great influence on earth. Every planet has a magnetic power inside it as in the case of earth. These magnetic fields produce certain energy and this energy is capable of deciding things to happen in our world. So, by a close study of these planets and stars one can predict the future of a parson. But in general predictions like 2012 horoscope or monthly horoscope that is appearing on various websites and print media only a few things will come true in our life. Here the predictions will make for persons born on each zodiac symbols. So the calculation of the time of birth will be on an average basis. That is why the predictions like career horoscope of weekly horoscope are not matching with the actual things happening in our life. Still these predictions can give us a clue about what these stars have in stock for us. 
It is necessary to have the exact time and date of birth to predict particularly for a person. There are so many websites are providing monthly horoscope on the basis of one’s time and date of birth. This will help you to some extent to decide your future steps. Generally most of the people are taking the weekly horoscope as a guideline which will help them to plan their work. If an accident has been predicted, they prefer to avoid journey to maximum extent. If a favorable situation has been predicted, they prefer to have the business discussions on that day. The career horoscope will help you to choose the best suitable career for you. According to the astrologers, persons born on a specific sign will have a lot of similar characters. So, it is possible to predict the profession that suites them. 
Whatever may be the truth, more and more people are getting attracted to astrology and horoscope. Even though it is useless as you believe, it is not harmful to follow certain things. So, purchase a 2012 calendar that has 2012 horoscope for all zodiac signs. Try to plan your future as per the suggestions given in that. Try to find out the authenticity of astrology and horoscope by yourselves. 

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Finances: the season 2012 starts really the Virgo moon sign. Only towards middle of the season losings are indicated because becoming duped by individuals. The remainder 12 months is favorable, with indications of sudden wide range from sources such as for example lottery, inheritance and conjecture in share marketplace. The financial acumen associated with Virgos will reduce expenses and this results in cost savings. On the whole a 12 months economically.
Profession: Career graph appears good for this moon sign in the year 2012. Self-employed people will do really, obtaining the necessary help from relations. Business proposals will require down and grow. Those in service are certain to get a pat on straight back for persistence and efforts. Triumph follows the people with this particular moon indication throughout the entire year. Becoming endowed with a high cleverness and diligence, whatever the individuals of this indication take up will seek out silver. There are possibilities for business or solution associated trips overseas.
Health: Wellness will need continual interest till the end of 2012. As avoidance surpasses treatment, people who have the moon sign Virgo will need to take care of their own health. .Blood relevant diseases and gastro intestinal disorders are indicated. If already suffering from certain conditions or disorders, Virgos should not postpone using health guidance. The end of 2012 claims to be much better whenever actual power and stamina will move as well as you will have a broad improvement in the health position. Care into the exercise and diet worthy of this and health conditions ought to be followed.
Romance: The intellectual and discriminatory nature of Virgo moon indication men and women are presented in the way of spontaneous intimate accessories. But Virgos will discover the right love mate after due deliberations and evaluating the advantages and cons. Sometimes their impulsive nature will come towards the forefront and their particular chosen companion will cause psychological tension in the place of happiness. Likelihood of finding an appropriate life partner tend to be powerful to the end of the year. Wedded Virgos are focused on their particular spouse and children. The partner of Virgos should be aware all the time to not ever ask criticism. Generally the Virgos tend to be fortunate inside range of their life partner.

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Finances: the entire year 2012 starts on a not sure ground. Cash place eases gradually. During the early months of the season. Businessmen will thrive nonetheless they need to be cautious with abrupt expenses. Cost might by means of company development and discounts additionally Those in jobs will added time and effort. Offers should come by but they cannot deliver much cash. Earnings and expenditures is supposed to be equal for the rest of the season. There was a necessity is careful of underhand deals which will trigger lack of face and cash.
Job:  Job prospects are great and continue being therefore practically over summer and winter. Taureans are recognized for their particular persistence. Their particular work and dedication will likely be compensated as marketing or acclaim and fame. Business enterprises will flourish attracting brand new deals and connections. Foreign trips and discounts operating tend to be suggested. Taureans must take attention when coping with company collaborators, colleagues and superiors. Overall, the profession leads are great for 2012.
Health: Health will pose no issue for some of the year. It’s a smart individual who recalls that good health is a type of wealth. The summer months brings small infections. Headaches, stomach disorders in addition appear towards the center of the season. Dedication to work out, walking and making sure an excellent diet can help reduce health problems. If a person currently features health problems, they will certainly simply take a downward leap. The guideline with this 12 months would be to keep fit and keep conditions away.
Romance: wedded Taurus people will deal with some marital issues in some components of the season. This really is because of their stubborn nature and refusal to give their particular lovers a reasonable hearing. But things would be settled and marital life is supposed to be normal once again, as Taureans tend to be specialized in themselves. Those who find themselves solitary may well not find any romantic friendships but opportunities will show up in mid 2012; nevertheless the commitment will not be lasting. No permanent soul mates will undoubtedly be discovered for those who are single. Marriage ties will have to be delayed for in the future for their dilemmas.

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Finances: the entire year 2012 brings a mixed bag when it comes to finance. .Income moves at the start of the year. Company is quick.. The Scorpios in service are certain to get monetary gains in the form of larger pay packet and benefits.  Once the months progress, the costs mount. Dues are going to be collected with trouble for businessmen.. The tail end of the season will bring in huge amounts of money inflow. Still it is far better to suppress expenses and conserve whilst going is good.
Profession: industry and career prospects tend to be brilliant throughout the year. This can be one of the best periods in lots of a long time. The diligence of Scorpios will make sure that they flourish in all that they are doing. Individuals in public solution is going to do extremely well and their particular efforts is lauded. Foreign associates provides in good results with employment or work at home opportunities overseas. .The end of the season brings in more success and recognition. Business will thrive. The profession graph peaks during this period. A lucky 12 months on the whole for Scorpios.
Wellness: Health needs to be carefully administered throughout every season. Minor attacks will envelope the Scorpios causing discomfort. Fire and substance dangers are feasible. Care must certanly be taken if Scorpios work in those vocations that require maneuvering of chemical compounds or incendiaries.A general sense of losing physical energy and stamina would be thought. Medications, if advised, should always be purely followed. Balanced nutrition and do exercises may help renew the Scorpios.
Romance: Scorpios are sensual naturally. For all of them, romance and love should fulfil their particular sexy expectations. 2012 shows a bright opportunity that single Scorpios will discover their fantasy partners. These solitary Scorpios have a challenging time selecting their particular soul mates as you will have many individuals to pick from, these types of is their magnetism! Wedded persons have actually devoted and enthusiastic partners who they often times sting due to their egoistic barbs. Quarrels are frequent but blow down quickly. A Moderately happy year for Scorpios with regards to romance and love life.

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Finances: Good earnings are indicated in the beginning of 2012. Hard work will pay dividends. This period alternates with a spate of bad run in the sense that money will be spent on unnecessary expenses. There will be no saving worth the name. Again a period of wealth inflow from various quarters follows and Pisceans can make up for their indulgence in extravagance in the previous months. Foreign connections will yield good material gains.

Career: The ear 2012 bodes well for career and profession. Those who are already employed, either in service or in their own business, will get a leg up in their field. Hard work will bring in the desired results. Family members and friends will give sound advice that will go a long way in enhancing the career prospects. The second half of the year brings in new opportunities, which if taken up properly, will enable the PISCES YEARLY HOROSCOPE 2012 to reach the pinnacle of success. This trend will also help the Pisceans to choose what is most suitable for them and to secure their future. In short, success is the mantra 2012 spells for Pisceans.
Health: The year does not bring very good news on the health front for the Pisceans. Problems like fever, gastric trouble, blood disorders and skin ailments will besiege the people with this moon sign. Though not drastic, these problems will produce a sense of insecurity and anxiety about health. Proper medications, food and exercise can reduce many of the problems. These issues should be discussed with family members to gain their support. The year end promises to be better health wise.
Romance: The love life of Pisceans is anything but orderly. Like the two fish representing their moon sign they have a dual approach to love. They are sensual but do not care very much for the feelings of their partners. Their dreamy nature assumes that everything will fall into place on its own, without much effort from their side. The partners of Pisceans have to tune themselves to the Pisceans’ wavelength to form a deep relationship. Romance will develop for those who are single but will not bear fruit unless the Pisces person is ready to bare his heart instead of assuming that love partner understands the Piscean’s feelings.




Finances: Leos have the most promising outlook among all the moon signs. The year 2012 starts on a promising note for the Leos with deals being finalised in business and new ventures bringing in money. This trend will dwindle gradually towards the middle of the year.  Leos like to live it up and hence find their expenses are more than their earnings. Again there will be a turnaround in fortunes and the flow of money will increase. This wealth inflow will continue till the end of 2012.A fortunate year for Leos on the whole.
Career: Career outlook is very favorable throughout 2012. Those who are on the lookout fpr jobs will be suitably rewarded. Those in service will get recognition for their hard work and labor. Transfers are in the offing and they will come with better pay packets and perks. Business will flourish with ample scope for expansion. New business propositions will take wings. Foreign deals will bring more contacts and expansion. On the whole a golden year for Leo moon sign.
Health: 2012 will start on a shaky note where health is concerned. But with the passing of months, health will improve. Leos must take precautions where food is concerned as stomach ailments are indicated. Proper diet with suitable medications will reduce the problems. The end of 2012 will see Leos raring to go and in tip top health condition.
Romance: The beginning of 2012 will see a maelstrom of social activity with possible attachment for those who are single. But the romantic inclinations can lead to trouble if it is not placed on a level footing. Leos will be misunderstood in their intentions causing heartburn. Serious relationships will not mature till a later date. The married ones are totally
Devoted to their spouses. This devotion may not be equally reciprocated. The dominant and arrogant nature of Leos will cause friction between the spouses, So care should be taken with words and deeds. An unequivocal demonstration of their love will ensure smooth sailing on the ocean of romance.

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