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Bargain Outfits The Annual Business Christmas Party For Males and Females

With everyday expenditures increasing, it may seem that year may very well not manage to prevent a new outfit when it comes to yearly corporate xmas celebration. However, with supermarkets growing their particular ranges towards the work and xmas party range and beyond, it’s not necessary to save your self way too many cents to get an innovative new outfit for Christmas season.


Over the last few years, supermarkets have actually extended beyond the conventional every day grocery shopping to electronics and clothing. Up to now, most grocery store brands have promoted a fundamental range for easy each day use and a unique events range. From Tesco, we have already seen Florence and Fred, a brand that produces fashionable but wise wear and an economic range that uses cheaper material, for instance polyester for suits – perfect for the spending plan minded but not constantly appropriate for special occasions!


Utilizing the rise of the price of garments in England, most are now turning out of the expensive high street brands to your more affordable grocery store brands. However, performs this mean the quality is even worse? Not necessarily therefore, since designer brands are showing up when you look at the supermarkets, including the brand new fashion designer brand name from Asda. Asda, now owned by WallMart, offers people properly tailored matches from £79.


George, Asda’s garments label, features employed the abilities of talented London based designer and suit manufacturer, Charlie Allen. With more than 25 many years experience in making bespoke matches for men, Mr. Allen is able to charge over £1500 per match. His fits are well-known because of their old-fashioned experience, coupled with a gentle softness, which cannot be present regular contemporary fits. Unlike more standard suits, the Charlie Allen range is better fitted and worthy of the individual physique regarding the man.


Utilizing the rise in grocery store competition, Tesco have also raised their particular game. Although, may very well not be able to find all of their range available, now you can order clothing online or through their particular catalogue. Their particular range has broadened beyond the basic range and developers, Florence and Fred, to add a far more stylish Florence and Fred range and clothes from famous people, including Mischa Barton.  Sainsbury’s range Tu is gradually growing also, while they expand their empire in the North of England.


If you’re contemplating organising or attending corporate xmas parties, check out .

Marie Coles is an expert writer. She writes informative, however, powerful articles on business christmas functions.

Hong Kong PolyU Design Annual Show

This year, I was fortunate enough to attend the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)’s School of Design Annual show. The school recognized that design is no longer a “one-way street” and that the underlying theme for the show would be “Response”. This was chosen to emphasize communication and interaction in the making of good design. Here are some interesting design concepts I came across:

Satisfact10n by Amy Ling

Satisfact10n provides not only tips to make traditional Chinese cooking easy, but also the knowledge in its ingredients’ nutritional values. It is a platform where customers can exchange cooking tips and health knowledge. It aims at continuing the affinities carried in a traditional Chinese grocery store where the personal relationship between the shop owner and the customer is treasured.

Loner Lamp by Lai Cheuk Kee

The Loner Lamp is an interesting concept exploring themes of loneliness and companionship from the creative mind of Cheuk Kee. Where your typical lamp turns on when you switch it on, the Loner Lamp only lights up when you hold onto the handle. Once you put it down, it ceases to light up until someone else picks it up again.

CAP by Amos Woo and Sharon Ng

“CAP” is a pinhole camera which uses recycled paper to make its body and the skeleton. This project aims to remind people about the need to pay attention to the Earth’s resources. “We want people to be impressed with the possibility of paper molding by making a pinhole camera. We designed (the camera) to use the most simple mechanism in taking pictures,” say Amos and Sharon.

Adding to their eco-initiatives, the pinhole camera actually has another extension where a plastic bottle can be used as a tripod for long exposure photos. “We also designed a joint for the camera to adapt to plastic bottles selling on the market as a tripod for the long exposure of photos. This came from our own experiences as pinhole camera users. We believe this can really help users as they can have a tripod easily from the plastic bottle from their hand,” added Amos and Sharon.

Foldabox by Rachel Wan & Mandy Wong

Many people would prefer dining out, rather than bringing their own lunchbox to work as it may cause many troubles such as leakages of juice, bringing multiple bags, and time wasted in lining-up for the microwave oven. For these reasons, the FOLDABOX set was designed especially for office ladies, bringing them a warm, convenience and new eating style.

The Design Concept is as follows:

The FOLDABOX set includes an Induction Cooker and a foldable lunchbox. The IC cooker can solve the time wasting problem in lining- up for a microwave oven as users can use it to reheat the lunchbox at their own desk. With the special folding design, it can be folded such as a piece of paper is folded. Users can fold it to a smaller size storing inside their bags after use.

You may find photos of the PolyU students’ designs at

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Why Conferences and Annual Meetings Are NOT Evil

Thanks to the media vilifying a few apparently out-of-control jaunts by corporations who had to be bailed out, many companies are now reconsidering their own meetings and conventions. Meetings are being portrayed as frivolous expenditures when people are being let go.


If we keep buying into all the doom and gloom the media is generating, this recession will last forever. I find myself on the verge of panic until I actually compare the numbers and see that I’m ahead of last year. I read the projected worldwide unemployment figure and think I should make a “Will Speak for Food” sign and stand by the side of the road.

We have to get a grip. Here’s what I know:

1.) Sound business practices before the recession are still sound businesses practices. We weren’t holding meetings and conferences because we wanted to throw money away. We were holding them because they WORKED! Employees felt rewarded. Skills were updated and sharpened. New ideas and big deals were put together in the corridors between sessions. Conferences and meetings MADE US MONEY!

2.) We need these meetings more than ever. What message is sent to an already overworked and underpaid workforce when the annual recognition event is cancelled? How about these: We’ve given up. We didn’t fire you, yet. Why train you? We’re probably going under. Hold your regular event and you say: We believe in you and our organization. We pursue excellence. We have not yet begun to fight.

3.) People need to come together. Most of the organizations I speak for only bring everyone together once a year. This is the only time they get to see all of their co-workers, the only time they hear from upper management. And you are going to do away with this??? We should probably be meeting MORE in these tough times not less. E-mail and the teleconference are not good enough. You want to motivate your troops – get in front of them in person. Bring them together. Technology is a great thing, but it can not replace face-to-face interaction. You want to save money or build a team?

4.) Conferences and company meetings provide things that are vital – information, training, reward & recognition, a sense of affiliation & belonging. If you cancel them, how will you provide these things? If you competitors continue to send their people to conferences and hold meetings, what will that mean for you in the long run?

5.) DO NOT PANIC! I have heard that one of the state governments I work with has cancelled all conferences through 2010. State conferences include training for school teachers and child nutritionists as well as police, fire and EMS workers. I don’t know about you, but I would like these people to have the most current information available. And why give up this early in the game on 2010? Why give up at all?

6.) Spend wisely. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be wise in your spending. You may re-examine what happens at these events and the per capita expense. But let these decisions be guided by your good judgment, not worry over media blather. For example, if you have always taken your people to a top resort, before you decide to meet in the CEO’s backyard, consider what that location means. Do your people regard the event as a major perk – and thus a benefit that you would be taking away? Some of the events where I speak are held in posh places and that is the ONLY time many of the attendees get to go to such a place. They feel special and honored and it increases their company loyalty. Getting them off site also encourages them to be more creative and to leave behind the daily distractions. Before you slash the budget, consider all the ramifications.

7.) You know best. You know your organization better than anyone in the media or any outsider. You know what works for your people and what doesn’t. Have faith in your knowledge and experience. If you lose good people or don’t get good results, think anyone will sing your praises because you saved some money?

8.) Would you rather have 15 poorly trained, unmotivated employees or 10 highly trained, fired up employees? I don’t think I need to say more.

Denise Ryan, MBA, is a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation of excellence held by less than 10% of all professional speakers. She is a blogger

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The Border Town of Corbridge and Its Annual Fair

Corbridge is a town in Northumberland, England. This town was probably the northernmost town in the Roman Empire. The first fort was established in 85 AD and later this fort turned into a town that had two military compounds. There are many archeological finds in this area dating back to the Romans and include the stone Corbridge Lion and the Corbridge hoard of Armour. The town may have been called Coira in its early stages as the name is inscribed in some stone tablets referring to the present day Corbridge area.

The church of St Andrew is worth a visit. It was first constructed in 676 but over the years has been changed. A lynch gate was constructed to remember those killed in WWI. The vicarage is one of three fortified vicarages in the country and was built in the 14th century. The Vicar’s Pele is found in the churchyard at the southeast corner. Since Corbridge was so close to the border it suffered from border warfare from between 1300 to 1700. Many times livestock was brought into town with armed guards to protect them over the night.

It is possible to reach Corbridge by train as it is on the Newcastle and Carlisle railway line. This railway originates from 1838 and was built to link Newcastle upon Tyne to Carlisle. Some major roadways also lie close to Corbridge and it can easily be accessed by car.

One of the most famous country fairs occurs in Corbridge on July 4th, the Northumberland County Show, once called the Stagshaw Bank Fair. This agricultural event draws individuals that are interested in purchasing livestock and other agricultural products. It is one of the most popular rural events of the year. Visitors from all over the United Kingdom come to this fair held on the fields just adjacent to Corbridge.

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Your Annual Home Inspection – Good Home Maintenance Practices

There are two kinds of homeowners, those who take care of their homes and those who don’t. Those who don’t take care of their homes are usually homeowners that don’t make enough money and therefore can’t maintain their property. Most of the time these homeowners, would gladly do the maintenance if they had the money, but finances seem to be a bigger problem and this eliminates almost all of the home maintenance that would be required to maintain the house properly.

Even if you don’t have any extra money for home maintenance, you can still do a simple home inspection. I would recommend doing these home inspections at least every three months, and if you can’t do it every three months, try to do it at least every six months and if you’re not interested in doing it every six months, you should do it no matter what at least once a year.

Now here’s the trek to a good home inspection, make sure that you start with a good home inspection checklist. You can find them at your local libraries and even online. Most of the ones that you find for free, aren’t necessarily going to be the best ones and I haven’t found one that should have even been given away for free. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars either or even higher a home inspector to perform this task.

If you don’t know much about home maintenance, I would recommend that you purchase a good home maintenance and repair book. There are plenty of them available and you could always go to your local library or bookstore to check some of them out. I don’t really recommend buying home repair books online, unless you have previously viewed them.

So the key to a good home inspection will be to acquire a good home inspection checklist and try to inspect your home at least twice a year. It’s not a lot of work and soon you will find yourself inspecting your house on a regular basis as you’re walking through it, sitting in a comfortable chair or even when you’re doing yard work.

If you’re really interested in basement remodeling and repairs, you should click on this link Great Home Repair Tips. Get some great home repair advice that can make a big difference on any of your home remodeling projects.

The Annual Transport Logistic Exhibition in Munich Guide

The Munich Trade Fair Centre will see an influx of visitors between the 12th and 15th of May 2009 with the upcoming international exhibition for logistics, telematics and transport. This years Transport Logistics Exhibition had attracted over 1,500 exhibitors from 57 different countries who were left impressed with the platform’s magnetism drawing almost 47,000 trade visitors from 118 countries. The 2009 Annual Transport Logistic Exhibition is expected to be an even bigger success.


The Transport Logistics expo has played the role of the world’s largest exhibition for the transport, logistics and telematics sector. The event also acts as a meeting ground for highly influential giants in the industry who contribute innovative products and provide solutions to industry issues.


The highlights of this much talked about event are both the huge spectrum of exhibits that it has on offer as well as the presence of an audience full of international professionals and market leaders. While the fair has an essential purpose of presenting practical solutions to the transportation’s complex sector, it also opens out the huge network of transport systems, telematics and logistics under one roof.


The venue, the Munich Trade centre is well equipped with modern technological infrastructure and is known for its flexibility and state-of-the-art presentation technology that ensures exhibitors and visitors of a pleasant experience with no inconveniences.


Both exhibitors and visitors need to worry about transportation hassles as Munich is in the heart of Europe and has excellent infrastructure that ensures easy and quick accessibility. The Munich Airport is at a distance of thirty minutes by car from the venue, while the Hauptbahnhof Main Railway Station connects to the Trade centre via an underground system and is a twenty minute journey. Munich is known for its efficient local public transport system, making transportation the last thing that could create problems for visitors to the Annual Transport Logistic Exhibition in the city.


Accommodation is also well-cared for by the city of Munich which has a wide range of hotels and guesthouses providing visitors with different options in terms of both luxury and cost. While the city is full of functional, service oriented and budget friendly hotels, it is also home to internationally known luxurious five star hotels like the Le Meridien and the Mandarin Oriental.


The Transport Logistic Exhibition has been a preferred destination for hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors as a result of the infallible reputation it has built over the years. The event has seen many exhibitors coming back to launch new products and diversify as well as develop their customer base. The fair has also seen tremendous growth in numerical terms. No wonder then, that it has seen rapid bookings for its upcoming May 2009 fair by loyal and new exhibitors who now have a chance of combining work with leisure in the beautifully sophisticated city of Munich!


A Guide to the Ship and Port Qatar Exhibition


The Ship and Port Qatar Exhibition is expected to create waves of success in the Middle East and Asia between the 5th and 7th of May 2009 at the Qatar International Exhibition Centre, Doha. Being the third International Ship Building, Port and Marine Technology Exhibition and Conference for these regions, the event has slowly yet successfully made a name for itself in the international markets.


The exhibition will be customized to cater to international manufacturers who are looking into entering the fast growing and demanding markets of the Middle Eastern Regions. An essential factor that defines this event is that it is open only to trade visitors, thus ensuring exhibitors’ interaction with genuine visitors.


The Ship and Port Qatar event will act as a platform for exhibitors who can display their latest innovations and offer their updated services to the eastern markets. Exhibitors also get a chance to foray into new markets via a trusted platform that has an enormous network of visitors including key decision makers with high purchasing power.


While it would not be true to say that Doha’s infrastructure meets the standard of other global cities, it would be unfair to call it inefficient. Connected to the world by the Doha international Airport which is Qatar’s only international airport; Doha is known for its excellent road network and has an extensive bus system. However, the preferred mode of transportation is usually taxis and cars which shuttle from the airport to the Qatar International Exhibition Centre as well as take visitors around the city at reasonable rates.


Also, the city of Doha is home to some renowned hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott and Ramada Plaza, providing international citizens with world-class luxury. Visitors who prefer more cost friendly alternatives need not worry as Doha also has hotels starting at low-prices yet ensuring prompt services and facilities.


Testament to its genuine services, diverse market power and positive response, 96% of previous exhibitors from the 2007 event have confirmed their comeback as participants in the next event scheduled for 2009. Earlier exhibitors were left speechless with the high-quality visitors that attended the event and with the local business potential which the event was capable of offering. Several satisfied exhibitors claimed that the Ship and Port Qatar expo was their best experience in Middle East maritime exhibitions.


While Qatar’s peninsular beauty needs no mention, it provides visitors and exhibitors with a unique chance to include sightseeing on their business trip and explore the ancient wonders of the world in this Arabian destination.


Bob writes about Shipping to Hong Kong and Wales international freight.

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5 Best London Annual Events For Tourists

There are a number of things to see and do in London, such as visiting the zoo and the city’s museums and art galleries; however that may not be unique enough for some tourists, so here is a list of five events that happen in the capital city, but only once a year.

1. The London Marathon – One of the most famous marathons in the world, the London Marathon attracts over 500,000 spectators each year and is a unique event to witness. While there are a number of elite and world famous athletes, many people like to cheer on the runners that are doing the race a bit differently namely in fancy dress. With the Marathon raising thousands of pounds each year for charity, the London Marathon is one of the most charitable and exciting annual events to witness in London.

2. The Boat Race – Occurring in early March or April, the world famous boat race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities attracts huge crowds to see which of the two distinguished colleges will win. Each year over 250,000 people watch the race from the Thames river banks, but even more watch on TV with an estimated 450 million people watching all over the world. Tourists love the race, often enjoying a pub lunch and a few beers during the event. The race is a national institution having been held every year since 1829!

3. The Easter Parade – The parade was first held on Easter Monday1885 as an excuse for the rich and famous to show off their horses, but today the event is famous for its the wide range of vehicles that are on display, including old fashioned fire trucks and horse drawn carriages.

4. Last Night of the Proms – Classical music lovers rejoice! Each year in mid-September, the largest music festival ends with some good old fashioned pomp and circumstance… as well as famous songs like Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia. Tickets are challenging to get, but another event is also held in Hyde Park that attracts crowds in their tens of thousands.

5. Charles I Commemoration Ceremony – Not many countries have executed their monarchs, and to their credit the UK has only executed one Charles I. To remember the event that symbolised the end of the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell’s ascension to power, each year (on the 27th January), there is a large procession that goes from Trafalgar Square to St. James’s Palace the site of Charles’ execution. The procession is made up of volunteers from the King’s Army (English Civil War Society), all of whom are dressed up in traditional 17th century costumes.

Paul loves the travellling England and often writes about London annual events and holiday in London for tourists.