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5 Best London Annual Events For Tourists

There are a number of things to see and do in London, such as visiting the zoo and the city’s museums and art galleries; however that may not be unique enough for some tourists, so here is a list of five events that happen in the capital city, but only once a year.

1. The London Marathon – One of the most famous marathons in the world, the London Marathon attracts over 500,000 spectators each year and is a unique event to witness. While there are a number of elite and world famous athletes, many people like to cheer on the runners that are doing the race a bit differently namely in fancy dress. With the Marathon raising thousands of pounds each year for charity, the London Marathon is one of the most charitable and exciting annual events to witness in London.

2. The Boat Race – Occurring in early March or April, the world famous boat race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities attracts huge crowds to see which of the two distinguished colleges will win. Each year over 250,000 people watch the race from the Thames river banks, but even more watch on TV with an estimated 450 million people watching all over the world. Tourists love the race, often enjoying a pub lunch and a few beers during the event. The race is a national institution having been held every year since 1829!

3. The Easter Parade – The parade was first held on Easter Monday1885 as an excuse for the rich and famous to show off their horses, but today the event is famous for its the wide range of vehicles that are on display, including old fashioned fire trucks and horse drawn carriages.

4. Last Night of the Proms – Classical music lovers rejoice! Each year in mid-September, the largest music festival ends with some good old fashioned pomp and circumstance… as well as famous songs like Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia. Tickets are challenging to get, but another event is also held in Hyde Park that attracts crowds in their tens of thousands.

5. Charles I Commemoration Ceremony – Not many countries have executed their monarchs, and to their credit the UK has only executed one Charles I. To remember the event that symbolised the end of the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell’s ascension to power, each year (on the 27th January), there is a large procession that goes from Trafalgar Square to St. James’s Palace the site of Charles’ execution. The procession is made up of volunteers from the King’s Army (English Civil War Society), all of whom are dressed up in traditional 17th century costumes.

Paul loves the travellling England and often writes about London annual events and holiday in London for tourists.

Flower Gardens ? The Best Bi-annual to Grow

Flower Gardens – The Best Bi-annual to Grow

Bi-annual flower plants are those that bear flowers in their second year of growth cycle. They defers from the annual flowers where they starts to bloom in just one growing period.

Their growth process is somewhat delayed because it their leaves and stems that grows first in the first year, then bear flowers and immediately dies in the second year.

Although they have similarities in their blooming period with perennials, the difference is that, after they bear their blooms, they dies, while the perennials live longer for another years.

Some best bi-annual flowers to grow in your garden

Common Foxgloves.  This flower plant tolerates in cool climate. It possess dark-green foliage with drooping tube-like flowers in hues of pink, white, yellow, lavender, and purple.

This plant thrives best in a partially shaded location with high in organic content and moist soil.

Common foxgloves grows from 3 – 5 feet in height during its entire growing period. And caution should be observed in handling this plant because all its plant parts are highly toxic to human and animals.

Chimney Bellflowers.  Also grown as perennial flower plant, this biennial plant grows to at least 6 feet high. It has green leaves with bell-shaped flowers, hence, the name bellflowers.

They tolerates in full sunlight as well as partial shade location. Like the Common foxgloves, this plant prefers moist soil, rich in organic materials and well-drained area.

Black-Eyed Susans. Also called as coneflowers, it has green foliage which grows from 1 – 2.5 feet in height and produces a daisy-like golden yellow petals with a dark brown color at the center of the flower and blooms during summer time.

This plant thrives in a partial sunlight to shaded condition in both moist and dry soil areas.

Sweet Williams. This biennial flower grows in full sunlight and partial shaded portion of the garden. It tolerates in good rich soil with ample drainage with enough soil moisture but does favors with too much water accumulation in the soil.

It grows from 12 – 24 inches tall with green foliage and densely packed fragrant flowers in clusters of red, white, purple, red, and pink.

Evening Primrose. Goes also from other names like Lily Gumbo and Cowboy Primrose, it grows to height from 6 – 10 inches tall. This plant produces a fragrant pink flowers in early and mid-summer. It tolerates with full sunlight and thrives best in all types of soil, like clay, loamy, and sandy and on well-drained soil location.

You can select some other bi-annual flowers for your garden collections, but the above lists are best suited for a continuous supply of your bi-annuals selections.

Happy gardening!


·primrose image by Maria Brzostowska from



Cris Ramasasa is a retired Horticulture teacher for 29 years and Freelance writer. Writes home gardening tips and resources. Written ebooks titled: Discover How To Get Started In Flower Gardening and Vegetable Gardening Made Easy and lots articles related to his area of expertise. Visit his site at: for more tips, free articles and ebooks and lots of valuable resources.

Arsenal VS Tottenham score: Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper veteran best score

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Manuel Almunia: 6 points with some good saves, but the attack was shot by Ross

Clichy: assists and 6 points seems to lack the desire, not threat

Vermaelen: 5 minutes under no confrontational early exit because of injury

Campbell: 8 minutes to play pretty good overall, but luck is not very good

Sarnia: Bell scored 6 points, he failed offside trap stations caused

Diaby: 7 points always played great power, but the lack of flexibility

Ebner: 6 minutes pass options are always a problem, and the first few energy is not

Denilson: 6 minutes pass and pass only horizontally, awareness of the lack of a forward pass

Bendtner: 7 points to his support of his teammates is not enough, although he entered the ball, there was an obvious failure to grasp the opportunity

Rosicky: 6 minutes played very unstable, very well thought balls with one foot, but only so far

Nasri: 7 points is very active, but not too many contributions to


Sylvester: 7 points there are some blocking done quite well, but there are loopholes opponents man-mark

Walcott: 6 points assists the goals of the Turner, but the remaining time to play a very general

Van Persie: 7 wonderful shot twice by Gomes damaged, but still only goal instigated the attack Arsenal


Gomez: 9 points with three world class saves, of course, the best player

Hector: 8 points with outstanding performance, full offensive and defensive

Dawson: 8 minutes about only one interception did not succeed, the goals that Turner

Ledley. Kim: 7 separate field when a bit tight, then recovered quickly

Bell: 8 points this season is really good for him

Kabul: 6 minutes to play defensive midfield, no eye-catching performance

Herder Stone: 6 points are in general, but did not make mistakes

Modric: 6 points more than the offensive defensive performance

Rose: 7 pm the wonderful world of wave

Pavlyuchenko: 7 minutes Arsenal continued interference in the line of the ball wantonly

Defoe: 6 minutes played very struggle, but very exciting that assists


Gudjohnsen: 6 points missed a good opportunity

Crouch: 5 minutes no time performance

Bentley: 6 minutes to play their role

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Best Free Registry Tool ? – Urgent Report !

Be sure to check out this article if you’re looking for a way to fix errors with best Registry Tool and a variety of additional system problems you might come across occasionally. Unless they studied computer technology, most users don’t know that almost all of the problems they encounter can derive from a single source. Don’t pick up the phone to call for help yet! first it’s just a matter of taking a few moments to read this brief article – it’s the cheap and effective way to go!

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Are you on top of things? you should remember that when your pc gives you any sort of trouble you should try to fix it as soon as it happens, otherwise you can find yourself with even more hassles. It isn’t responsible for all your pc’s problems, but you have probably realized that numerous hassles with the windows os are related to the registry system. As short and concise is our goal here, i’ll just say that all your software and hardware can be operated only through the registry, thus if damage occurs to it various problems are sure to occur. Solving the problem of a corrupted registry file is complex; fortunately, there are some great new tools specially made for the majority of troubles that can be blamed on a faulty registry. Among the benefits of these programs is that you can easily immediately check out thousands of registry records in just minutes – what a task that would be the old-fashioned manual way!

A pc’s registry has the same structure as the rest of windows’ folders; the registry’s ‘folder’ is known as a key and it can incorporate other keys or information. Through the use of these programs, you can successfully locate and repair various common windows problems: speed issues, exe file errors, dll errors, and more, which are linked to the windows registry. Making any modifications to your registry can do more harm than good and even professional-level computer users should proceed with caution when performing any mods.

I found these programs the easiest way to fix errors with best Registry Tool and, as it happens, the least risky when dealing with an operating system as sophisticated as this. Should we entrust every computer problem we might ever have to these tools? The answer is probably no, nonetheless, in my opinion, it’s versatile enough to take on a variety of troubles. If you’re tired of errors (who wouldn’t be?) simply install an error cleaner and experiment with a scan of your registry; the odds are good that you can get back to some error-free computing. These days, users have become very knowledgeable about their pcs, so it’s only natural for them to want to troubleshoot their computers’ various difficulties without having to call in outside help. If you follow the suggestions that i’ve offered here i’m confident that you will be rewarded in your productivity, and most importantly, your satisfaction.

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Best Prepaid Credit Card – What You Should Look For

You may have heard of these and asked, “why are they called credit cards if you receive no credit?”  To answer that question and many others, let’s look at them in detail.

Nearly all of the major issuers offer these.  The concept is very simple.  Once you are approved, and nearly everybody regardless of their history is, you get a card in the mail.  It looks identical to a regular one typically with a Visa or MasterCard logo.  It can be used anywhere that Visa & MasterCard are accepted and nobody will know that it is prepaid.

The first thing you have to do is fund it.  The amount of money you deposit in to your account is the amount of money available to you.  You can’t carry a balance, you can’t pay interest or over the limit fees.  To avoid any kind of fee, set up a direct deposit. Also bank transfers, ATM deposits, and even a mailed check can fund it.

Most valuable perks including free bill pay, free direct deposit, balance alerts sent to your e-mail or cell phone, and if you have damaged credit report, your positive payment activities will be reported to the bureaus.

These companies are making money off of each transaction that you make yet still, some companies try to charge annual or monthly fees.  Make sure to do a lot of comparison shopping and find one that is 100% free to be issued and activated.  Some may require that you set up direct deposit in order for it to be free.

As American’s become more conscious of how they borrow money, this card represents one of the safest ways to build positive marks on your report and without the worry of finding yourself in over your head in debt.

Additionally these are a good alternatives for individuals in chexsystem and don’t have a checking account. This is because to cash a check you have to pay a check cashing fee. To pay a bill you must buy a money order. These expenses add up quick. However a good card will let you use direct deposit for free and may have a program to allow you to pay your bills without having to buy money orders.

We suggest the prepaid Account Now Visa it comes with free direct deposit, free bill pay, free activation, free credit builder and guarantees approval – for a complete review visit us or for more information about the Best Prepaid Credit Cards.

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