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“credit Mark” Run For China’s Electric Bike

China Bicycle Association released the 27 this year, “the credibility of Mark”

Brand And further rigorous, standardized management system related

Recently, the China Bicycle Association, held a news conference in Beijing, was unveiled in 2006 marked the credibility of the 24 companies eligible to use the 27 brands in the 3? 15 on the eve of promoting excellent products to consumers. Association, the official said, is true that there is a large number of non-compliant

Electric cars , The Association has the responsibility to seize the favorable opportunity, “the credibility of Mark” brand work better to strengthen self-discipline, standardize enterprise behavior, and constantly improve product and service quality, product of self-improvement and developing new products and so more good to play a role.

China Bicycle Association, first introduced in 2000

Electric Bicycle “Credit signs”, the last seven years, the number of brands increased by 5 times (by brand manufacturers dollars). Although only a total production license for electric bicycle manufacturers to 2% regular%, but in strengthening self-discipline, and actively promote electric bicycles to consumers regulations and use of knowledge played a key role in all aspects. They stronger brands, and promote industry

Health Made a commitment to social development, an increasingly influential.

It is understood that access to “the credibility of Mark” brand products are commissioned by the China Bicycle Association National Bicycle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the National Light Industry Quality Supervision and Testing bicycle Shanghai Station, China National Light Industry Quality Supervision and Testing bicycle Changzhou station three professional testing organization In the case of corporate knowledge to market themselves

Car Random sampling and testing compliance; related products manufacturers quality system is also employed by the Association of experts to the production site

Assessment Assessment meets the requirements, through the publicity after the trade agreed to certification.

A few short years, China’s electric bike has more than 20 million holdings. Increase the technology content, improve performance, is the industry to avoid falling into a vicious

Competition , The key to healthy development. China Bicycle Association, called “the credibility of Mark” brand manufacturers play to their strengths, enhance self-innovation capability in the whole greater effort, relying on advances in technology, extensive changes in management, improved processing methods to improve efficiency, conserve resources and reduce

Energy consumption ; Actively study the small size, light weight, high energy, quality and stability of the electric bicycle accessories; to develop more compact, higher strength, more light of new products.

2006 new year, Beijing lifted the ban electric bicycles, electric bicycles on the implementation of content management. Unique model for the capital, is bound to the development of the national electric bicycle opportunities. To this end, the Chinese Cycling Association will begin this year to mark the brand credibility of the release of further strict and standardized management:

First of all, to improve the credibility of the brand marks the entry threshold. The business requirements of the production standard electric bike at or more than 20,000 adjusted to 30 000, and appraise, at the end of production does not meet the requirements of the brand will be canceled next year the eligibility criteria; provides for the first time use “credit mark “enterprise application, the first by the companies of the province, municipalities, associations of first instance; their products accepted by the Association for market testing organizations commissioned sample quality testing.

Secondly, a sound system of the market supervisors and increase market supervision. The original has got the eligibility to use the brand logo at least 2 times a year market survey, to 3 times per year. Through the inspection and supervision, rectification, continuously improve the credibility of the brand logo credibility with consumers.

Association will apply for accreditation before the school enterprise, product and service quality for the problems exposed on the existing brand manufacturers in developing quality technology

Train , For specific guidance. According to incomplete statistics, in 2005, “the credibility of Mark” business of producing products that meet the conditions of use signs 1.44 million, accounting for about 15% of the total output electric car%; “credit mark” brand manufacturers have the production scale at 50,000, and more than 60%% of the enterprises of 10 million units. In recent years, for the “credibility sign” more and more use of qualified companies, reflecting the business on their own confidence in the quality of products and services, reflecting the strong brand awareness and corporate

Social Responsibility

Feeling, reflects the industry’s progress.

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Annual Inspection For The “strategy” The Security Risk Is Underestimated China’s Vehicle

With Car Become the primary means of transport of human, some say, traffic accidents have grown to be the “world’s very first sufferers.” And automobile ownership in China just 3percent of the world (not including Hong-Kong and Macao regions), the death cost is more than ten years continuous residence on the planet, the average annual death cost soared to significantly more than 10 million individuals, accounting for 16percent worldwide.

The event of a traffic accident, because away from “people, vehicles, road” three elements.

Beijing a couple of years ago there were media reports, based on China’s reason for motor vehicle accident, the motorist infraction, 70% to 80per cent, 15per cent pedestrian breach, even though the car technical failure because under 5per cent, roads and relevant facilities taken into account 1per cent. From the data area, due mainly to domestic accidents road users. Is the event of any sort of accident, people will very first focus normally the motorist’s driving responsibilities, small accountability that vehicle in pristine condition and protection issues.

And community safety departments in each vehicle annual evaluation system, but additionally the general public’s “assurance” one. As everyone understands, inside eyes of some of the business, it is the automobile annual evaluation regarding the “short knee” as well as the yearly examination system the common “trick” making sure that risks the security performance of your automobiles is actually a high occurrence of traffic accidents behind the “invisible killer . “

Protection dangers become underestimated? 2009 5 2 2 50 Hsu, certainly one of 16 South Korean tourists holding a bus bound for Jiangxi car wreck at Hangzhou. It really is reported that the accident had been light rain, slippery road, a car out of the blue sprang from behind the motorist brake system unexpectedly stepped on slightly. The inertia, the runaway bus rollover to the right destination, rolled off the guardrail, rolled down one meter over the roadbed. After the incident, a reporter heard the motorist state, “Way too slippery, maybe not brake the train”, but a South Korean tourists in addition disclosed the coach isn’t in pristine condition with very good Tire Traces of a renovation, terribly worn.

Comparable thing can frequently begin to see the development?? Drivers in totally awake state of step Jicha, car drop control, overturned to the side, hence causing a car accident.

a technical engineer of privacy informed reporters that the reduced occurrence of mechanical failure in an auto accident, does not mean our car was secure enough. For the business statistics show that the deviation additionally the yaw braking system, in particular the trunk axle has been skidding car wreck caused a significant cause for traffic accidents. But this case cannot typically reason behind the accident was classified as a car itself.

Ministry of Public Security data in 2005 a small grouping of data just about in a position to give an explanation for issue.

In accordance with data, by 2005 there have been 450,254 road accidents, killing 98,738 everyone was killed, the cars mortality from 9.2 in 2004 dropped to 6.9 folks in 2005, show a downward trend; although automobiles light trucks mortality price can be as large as 9.6, greater compared to the national mortality price, due to their own security light truck deaths right due to above 7,000 people.

Light trucks by the high mortality is certainly not a global event. Why freedom is particularly great threat of light vehicles? “in comparison with all the vehicle, the security of domestic light vehicles, the gap between standard plus worldwide.” Description for the mechanical professional.

Early as 2005, European countries’s light truck standard is four braking and airbags, energetic and effective security performance upgrade; and compared to the same period, domestic light vehicle has not abdominal muscles and airbag methods loading, and also the great majority only equipped with drum brakes, braking system system, the overall performance of complex transformative traffic is not large.

Actually, the energetic security performance behind the worldwide level is certainly not an occurrence special to light trucks.

20 years of continuous attention to China Automotive Safety Efficiency dilemmas experienced business sunlight have informed reporters that the Korean War 50 years back, in the long run the hero vehicle throttle is 70 km / h, when the safety car could be the braking system doesn’t brake against jobless; but after one half a hundred years of automotive technology development, significant boost in rate, high-speed moving vehicles isn’t the danger is no longer a braking system braking system is maintained cars, but reduced control.

20 the 80’s, the rise in popularity of abdominal muscles anti-lock brake application, is to avoid the tires from securing during braking as soon as stopping the car drift unmanageable inertial force; and 90s which century here have actually ASR and Electronic Stability system ESP is much more European and United states vehicle producers have strong support, the United States is leading GM’s manufacturing plant, installing of ESP’s products are already over fifty percent the amount of types.

During Taiwan, on the pursuit of automotive active safety is without question lagging behind intercontinental. Today, abdominal muscles has grown to become needed for the vehicle setup, but usage ESP device has only wind and Shenzhen and some various other automobile producer BYD.

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Tencent “echo China’s” Education Annual Billboard Start

Recently, Tencent network “echo China,” 2008 China Education officially launched the annual festival activities. This is the Tencent network following the 2007 success “response in China,” Education after the annual festival, again through public comment, Expert Interview And other forms of development on the reform achievements and problems, in-depth, comprehensive review and study conclusion.

This year marks 30 years of reform and opening up, the event will introduce the “look back 30 years,” “Criticism, 2008”, “asked the Education 2009,” three main sections. The invitation to the field of education scholars, experts, representatives of entrepreneurs, high-end series of interviews and the depth of the dialogue, the event will also set up a public voting platform (, by month, by the the public voted for 30 years, 2008 education and education reforms, the key events, and the eyes of the most representative types of elite education figures, units and institutions.

It is reported that in 2007 education Billboard attracted 5.9 million people online voting, comments, more than 40 million, the media exposure amounted to 300 million times. The final voting results activities selected under the “Top Ten People of education,” “Top Ten Educational Event” and China’s top ten brands Education Group, China’s top ten online education institutions, China’s top ten high-quality IT education in 21 categories. Yu Dan, Li, New Oriental and other personal and unit award on behalf of the Tencent network invited to accept the interview, and through domestic 50 Yu Jiaping face, network and television media awards event and interview content is reported that in society the concept of education in 2007 example of the power sector. Internet users through an interactive platform for the development of Chinese education, offer advice on their attention, and participation than expected. Model of education can no longer be stereotyped and become fresh sense of the problems of education have become a household name is no longer obscure, educational voice to echo through the network, education forward through the network have more driving force. In addition to this year’s activities continue

last activity involved is large, the characteristics of strong interaction, the greater emphasis on activities of the authority and depth. During the event, Tencent network will organize a number of education scholars, experts, entrepreneurs and students, parents, teachers and other front-line series of interviews conducted, and to invite well-known editor of Media Education as a guest host. Media’s unique perspective, expert insight, educational aspirations of ordinary people will be demonstrated through the activities and dissemination. Topics of concern will also be involved in all aspects of education, such as the morality of concern this year, Employment , Campus Safety And other topics, as well as education finance, industry and other industries depth topics. After the interview, Tencent education channel will simultaneously launch a series of depth Topics To further enhance public awareness in China and concerned about education. This series will feature the final summary to Tencent education “repercussions in China?? 2008 China Education Annual Billboard” in.

Tencent network has 590 million registered users, covering 90% of Internet users in China. Organizers will use the powerful rich product line (client, portals, search, e-commerce, games, etc.) on the activities of strong promotion, will influence the audience was further expanded. China Education Television, modern education, reported that the CPPCC is reported that China Education News, Zejiao Wang will serve as co-sponsor for this event deeply involved in all aspects of activities. Institute of Education in the 21st century-oriented event will provide academic support, Michael thought human resources information management consulting firms, data analysis of this event support, and several well-known print media will join together to design a scientific survey to Tencent platform and a large online survey. Extensive collection of users and, finally, issued by the authority of an expert report. Invited experts in relevant fields, on issues related to the investigation results of a professional and authoritative assessment to blog, comment on articles and other forms of communication to the public. In addition, the China Youth Daily, Xinhua, People, China Education Online, etc. will be invited to support this event, the media, dozens of media across the country will track the coverage of this event.

The development of education about fortunes decadent Sheng, education issues related to each of us, the development of education is our common expectations. Tencent Network has been to promote the progress of China’s education and development of responsibility, and “echo-China” activities of the brand is to raise public awareness of Chinese education, concerns, and provide education for the enthusiastic participation of platform. There is always a force in the promotion of education forward, China’s education, you and I shared concern.

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