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A Comarison Between Credit Card Companies And Debt Settlement Firms


Ever since the concept of debt relief and debt reduction started ruling the world, a virtual war has started as credit card companies Vs debt settlement firms. The customers are on the gaining side since they not only get their debt eliminated, they keep their ratings secured with the help of settlement firms.


If you are planning to go for similar settlement, you should first learn some exposed facts about it. This will give you a positive approach as well as confidence in the process. Here are some revealing facts that exposes the settlement process:


1. The sole purpose of the settlement companies is to attack the banks with all power and snatch the best possible deal for their clients.



2. The reputation of a settlement firm is partially enough to scare the credit card companies and get a good reduction.


3. If the track record of the settlement company is clean, it can even be more dangerous for the banks since they have no way but to shell out a handsome reduction.


4. These settlement companies know certain secret facts of the banks and take advantage of these facts. As a matter of fact, the credit card companies have few methods of extorting money from their customers. Sometimes this money is collected through increased rates, while in other instances they are charged in the form of hidden charges. These loop-holes are well known by the firms and they take advantage of this.


5. The calculation processes adopted by the banks are very well known by the settlement companies. Now they know how to play with these ratings and bring a big difference in the ratings, following to which the report will vary.


These facts are quite strong enough to substantiate why there is a constant fight going on between credit card companies Vs debt settlement firms. Now that the process is exposed, you should take the shelter of the top performing settlement firm and get the best service. However, you should not take things for granted and give your 100% effort and cooperation to make this attempt a success.


Finding legitimate debt settlement companies is not that difficult but consumers must know where to look. It would be wise to utilize a debt relief network that will qualify the companies for you and ensure that they are legitimate and have proven themselves. To locate the top performing debt settlement companies in your state check out the following link:


Free Debt Advice
contact us for free debt advice – 8884442820 is a matchmaker in the debt settlement industry. They have paired up thousands of consumers up with debt settlement companies who are most likely to get consumers the best deal.

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US Companies report better than expected earnings: Is the Economy Improving?

October was a month of roller coaster rides for the economy and the markets.  Investors and speculators are spooked along with the US population and politicians and lawmakers. Everyone jumps on every drop of news, the markets and the new are reactionary.

Towards the end of the month earnings reports were generally better than expected, as has been the case all week, but overall broad market participants appeared uninspired by them.  The markets though did react to the continued good news soaring to record breaking levels.

The online and television news all heralded an improving economy.  

Everyone was smiling and proclaiming the end of the recession, politicians were promising jobs, retailers were excited about the holiday sales and banks were loosening their lending.

Remember, when you were a kid and your sister or brother would tickle you until you lost your breath. Then for the next few minutes every time they put their hands towards you, you instantly started laughing again. Over and over they would tease you, until you finally got upset and instead of laughing yelled at them to stop.

Today investors are at the stage that every time you put out your hand they react, but the consumer is at the point when they are losing their temper.

Everyone hinges on every bit of news, every report, and every headline.

The fact remains, until we create more jobs, reduce foreclosures and steady the housing market, all this data is useless.

The people on the streets, the average American will no longer before corporate or political America when the economy is improving. When their neighbors are going back to work, when the houses on the street are being sold, when their friends want to go shopping, when relatives are back on their feet , that is when the economy will be improving.

It is the consumers of America that will start the ball rolling, not corporate earnings, not new programs and policies.. When John Q Public thinks and believes that things are better, that is when our economy will begin to improve.

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