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Creating Passive Income by Writing Short Reports

A lot of people start their online adventures with dreams of making a ton of money, buying a big house, possibly a yacht, and working in their pajamas until four in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality for most of us. It takes hard work, discipline, time and motivation to begin to see even a little bit of income. Sure, you can work in your pajamas, but don’t quit your day job yet. What you need to work towards is creating passive income if you want to reach those dreams of financial freedom.

The great thing is, it can be done! There are many ways to create passive income online, but I’m going to share one method with you in this article that is relatively easy, and almost anyone can do it.

Creating Passive Income With Short Reports

Even if you’re new to the internet marketing thing, I’m sure you’ve ran across a short report or two since you began. Shorts reports are typically 5-10 page PDFs that can be downloaded to your computer.

A lot of marketers use short reports to entice people to sign up for their newsletter. When you sign up with your name and email, you’re given a link to download the free report.

Other marketers give their short reports away without having to opt in to anything in the hopes that it will go viral – meaning the report will get passed around all over the internet. This brings a lot of traffic back to the author’s website and helps build their brand.

What I’m talking about today is not about giving those reports away.

I’m talking about selling those reports.

Before you think I’m a lunatic, hear me out.

I’ve purchased many a short report online, and I know a lot of others do too. It’s not the length of the report that people are concerned about. It’s the quality. Many marketers fill their reports with fluff and hype to make them look really long. They equate long with value. That’s just not the reality though.

Some of the best reports I’ve read were only 10 pages long. People just don’t have the time to read more than that. They have a problem. They need a solution. They need it now. And you can give it to them.

You can create an outline for a report in just a few minutes. You can write that report in just a few days or less if you’re really focused. You can edit that report in one day. So in less than one week, you can have a report packaged in a PDF and ready to sell.

But how do you sell it?

You promote it with a free email mini-course!

What the heck is an email mini-course?

An email mini-course – or an ecourse – is just a few short emails delivered in sequence through an autoresponder. You can write a really great article that is related to your short report, break it up into a few parts, then load it into your autoresponder as Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc.

When someone signs up for your ecourse, they have each lesson delivered to their inbox starting with Lesson 1. In those lessons, you get your subscriber pumped about your short report, then offer it to them at the end of the lessons.

Not everybody will buy it, but if you do a good job of “pre-selling” it, you can get a good percentage of them to. If your ecourse provides really great content that they find useful, they’ll be willing to pay to get even more information from you.

These are the basics of this particular method. And if you continue to use this method multiple times, it can be a great way to create passive income and keep building it over time.

To find out more about profiting from writing short reports, visit where Cassandra Germsheid shares her money-making tips and work from home experiences.

Creating Real Carbon Credits

Creating real carbon credits comes from the concept of supplementarity within the Kyoto Protocol. Supplementarity means that internal abatement of emissions should take precedence before a country purchases carbon credits. It establishes that countries should develop real, measureable, permanent emissions reductions. There are steps involved in deciding whether or not carbon credits are legitimate. This means making sure that the process through which the carbon credits are submitted are in fact real, measurable, and permanent emissions.

Creating real carbon credits involves the concept of additionality. This refers to a term used by Kyoto’s Clean Development Mechanism, describing the fact that a carbon dioxide reduction project would not have occurred had it not been for concern for the mitigation of climate change. By proving additionality, it proves the legitimacy of the environmental stewardship claim resulting from the retirement of the carbon credit.

Involved with real carbon credits is personal carbon trading. Personal carbon trading has not yet been approved, but may very well help lower carbon usage as well as create small, localized economies. Personal carbon trading is a concept that is along the same lines as carbon offset credits. The concept of carbon trading refers to emissions trading.

It is hoped that personal carbon trading will help lower the amount of emissions by allotting a certain amount of emissions to individuals on an equal per capita basis. The number would be based on national carbon budgets. The credits would be surrendered later when buying fuel or electricity. Any individual who needs or wants more carbon credits would need to trade or purchase additional credits. Not only does this allow for people to get additional credits, it also makes it possible for those who do not need all of their credits, or are voluntarily lowering their carbon emissions, to sell surplus credits. Individual trading under Personal Carbon Trading is similar to the trading companies under the European Union Emission Trading System.

Personal carbon trading is not the same as carbon offsetting. They are very similar in the sense that they pay for emissions allowances, but carbon trading differs in that it is designed to be mandatory so nations are guaranteed domestic carbon emissions targets. There are various carbon proposals. Included are Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs), Personal Carbon Allowances (PCAs), and Tradable Personal Pollution Allowances.

Depending on the personal carbon trading that is chosen, individuals would most likely use electric accounts to control the carbon credits. The account would allow individuals to surrender credits when purchasing electricity, heating fuel, and petroleum. Personal Carbon credits would also be used for public transportation. Those who sell their extra credit would benefit by lowering their carbon footprint, which is of course, the entire point of personal carbon credits. is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

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How To Use Free Reports For Creating A Long Mailing List

Nowadays, marketing experts are widely using free reports to create their mailing list. Yes, now free reports are helping to create list of email addresses. Usually people use the free reports to sell their products and services. Now along with selling products these reports are also used for convincing the people to subscribe. Just have a look at some points which will help in understanding the real reason for using free reports to make a mailing list:

Sometime marketers are unable to sell the product using reports. So, what they do is that they take the last chance and use these reports to convert the visitor into a subscriber. This way, he can send the future offers and other free gifts to the subscriber and get a chance to increase the sales by converting the subscriber into a buyer.

You can play a trick by offering a list of interesting leads. If, someone is interested in getting the list, he/she will surely subscribe.

If, the customer likes your report, he/she can share it with their friends and family. Hence, popularizing your website without any effort on your part!

You can also give a notification to distribute the reports to anybody you know.

It is also important that you write a professionally correct report. It should be like you are selling something. Means it should be written in almost the same manner as written by a salesman.

No doubt, there is no need of strong selling but also it is not easy to convince the customers. Also include other offers and ads in your report.

Create your report in such a way that it gives all the information but, should not be too long. This is because some readers do not read long reports and just leave the website.

Just follow the above tips and you will be able to make a long mailing list in few days.

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