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Direct Marketer – Get Your Customer Off the Couch and Swipe Their Credit Card

This article will explain the importance of getting your customer to take action with every marketing piece you send out. You must envision your customer as a big blob sitting on the couch. They have no motivation and they come across your marketing material.

What are you going to say to that person to get them to pick up the phone or press the order button? What are you going to have to do to get them off the couch to take massive action and interrupt their television show?

Every piece of marketing material that leaves your office needs to get the customer to take massive action. Whether you want the person to leave their email, turn in a free coupon, make a purchase, call for more information, put a sticker on a box, check a form, or a host of other things, do lot let that marketing piece go out the door without a built in call to action.

You cannot expect people to just buy from you out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s war out there to get people’s attention. If you have received their attention for even a split second and you have not asked them to keep moving, to take some kind of action towards buying from you, then you have wasted your money.

Look at how many television and magazine ads you see today that just show a picture of the product, have the company name, and no contact information or anything close to invoking action. Why should your customer have to jump through hoops to make a purchase? Tell them step by step what to do in the ad. Tell them who to ask for at the store for a discount. Tell them to mention the code “234” for 15% off. Tell them to call in the next 2 days or you will revoke the offer, and mean it! 

Each piece of marketing material that  you produce must fulfill that requirement, action. Without action you won’t get the sale and your sales letter ends up in the trash.

Joshua Black is an on-line infopreneur, author, and martial artist. Mr. Black is the developer of the Ultimate Makiwara Creator, a how-to course that can be viewed at:

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Customer Focus on Proprietary Brands During Credit

The UK has seen a continual decline in economic growth and has now entered into a full recession leaving many households with higher household bills and reduced disposable income. With this in mind customer purchases are now researched in more detail with every purchase intended to be the best for their house with reliability and quality being one of the more important key determinants in the purchase. With this in mind proprietary brands are now seeing an increase in sales where brand recognition is as important as the product itself, knowing that should there be an issue the supplier can be called and the problem dealt with, with any spares being sent out directly within a couple of days, or an engineer visit arranged. In times of hardship consumers want confidence and proprietary brands offer this over cheap imports, whether you are looking at kitchens furniture, kitchen appliances, bathroom suites, bathroom furniture or showers.

Proprietary brands have always seen sustained sales in technical products i.e. electric showers, brassware etc, as these items use moving parts and the testing performed by big brands ensures that their products are held in higher esteem by consumers. Combine this with the guarantees and extended guarantees offered by manufacturers and you can see why consumers opt for the big brands when concerned with technical products as the last thing you want is to rip out your old electric shower before its time.

This focus has now started to move into all products, with proprietary brands holding a mark of distinction that increases consumer confidence, where a purchase is made in order to last a lifetime as opposed to a few years so that it can be changed again. Whilst cheap imports can very often look similar to big branded ranges it is how they were manufactured that determines their quality and more often than not consumers are asking themselves that if cost cutting occurs at the end of the process, does it happen throughout the whole manufacturing process to undermine the overall quality of the product? Whilst a bath may be a bath we know that a Rover car is not equal in quality to that of a Honda and though you are paying that little bit more you are paying for ‘peace of mind’. During these times of hardship consumers are willing to pay that little bit extra for ‘peace of mind’ as they only want to pay out once. ‘Peace of mind’ covers the quality of the product, its reliability and the after sales service should an unfortunate event occur.

Quality is key with any purchase, whether you are looking at a new bathroom suite in ensuring that the bath you buy is solid and rigid and won’t crack under pressure, wanting a quality build structure with your bathroom furniture, or an electric shower that won’t cut you short. It is the proprietary brands that are prospering with that mark of excellence from the smallest bathroom accessory to a full bathroom suite with every purchase designed to last a life time.

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BigMachines Announces 2nd Annual Customer Innovation Awards

Chicago, September 14, 2010 — BigMachines, Inc., the top in product sales configurator, prices and quoting, proposal generator and B2B e-commerce software-as-a-service (SaaS), today launched that it is now accepting nominations when it comes to company’s second annual BigMachines Buyer Innovation Awards. The awards, which is provided at BigIdeas Chicago 2010 seminar, October 24-26, honor customer innovation in using a BigMachines product, ROI and efforts to BigMachines item enhancements.

At BigIdeas 2010, BigMachines will honor innovative clients by presenting three honors:

Big Innovation Award for an individual who has implemented a cutting-edge using BigMachines inside their business;
Big Success Award for a client that demonstrates significant ROI from making use of BigMachines;
Biggest Idea Award the BigMachines client that contributes the most revolutionary concept to boost BigMachines items. This prize is dependant on ballots from in the BigMachines individual community and is tracked on BigMachines support web site.

“revealing understanding and successes across our buyer neighborhood is an important part of your BigIdeas seminar. Our customers expect BigMachines as a vital element of their product sales and business operations therefore the Buyer Innovation Awards system recognizes the development and ROI our consumers encounter daily,” stated Tim Handorf, Vice President of Product control, BigMachines. “Our company is honored to acknowledge our customers’ successes with these awards and appearance forward to reviewing a highly-competitive and imaginative industry of submissions.”

To distribute a nomination for the 2010 client Innovation prizes, please visit: The submission due date for each group is Friday, October 1.

The BigIdeas Chicago seminar, BigMachines’ annual customer and industry discussion board become held at the Swissôtel Chicago, will feature interactive sessions dedicated to solutions for B2B eCommerce, channel product sales, product setup, and proposal and agreement generation, among other topics. Meeting attendees will also be invited to a celebration of ten years of BigMachines on home of Blues Chicago. Sponsors for BigIdeas 2010 include, Cast-iron techniques, Cloud 9 Analytics, EDL asking, hiSoft, InsideView, Marketo, Xactly, Zilliant and ZY Solutions. Additional information about BigIdeas for attendees, news, and sponsors is available at

About BigMachines

BigMachines could be the global frontrunner in enabling B2B product sales, helping organizations offer many offer quicker. BigMachines’ award-winning on-demand configurator, prices and quoting, proposal generator, and B2B e-commerce software programs empower sales across customers’ networks by streamlining their product sales procedures from chance to order. Making use of BigMachines computer software, sales groups and stations can very quickly configure items, create estimates and proposals, manage complex pricing, generate appropriate contracts, and manage requests. BigMachines provides substantial reporting capabilities and simply integrates to leading CRM and ERP systems, including those from, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. BigMachines’ quickly developing client base includes global frontrunners such as for instance Kodak’s GCG, Siemens, Ingersoll Rand, and NTT Communications, in addition to revolutionary development businesses including Acme Packet and Voltaire. For more information, go to

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