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Americans Are More Reasonable Than the Government Gives Them Credit For

Americans have to wonder as I do, why are these representatives in Washington, continuing to insult the American people? We see the town hall meetings all over the news and don’t see violence until the left wing “Manufactured” groups get involved. You have politicians yelling at their own constituents as if the people work for them. News flash! They work for us.

It is a complete hypocrisy for the left wing media as well as the left wing administration to criticize the American people for standing up for what they believe in by exercising their constitutional rights to free speech. The critics continue to bash Americans because of the outrage shown at the town hall meetings by real Americans with real concerns.

Does anyone on the left and some on the right understand that the people have been asking these questions all along with no results? Do they understand that by conducting a meeting, and from the start, shut people down, is only fuel the anger? Why don’t they ask the people who they work for, what the concerns are? Why don’t they know the answers to these questions when they are asked? What exactly is in the bill they feel is in dispute, shouldn’t be in dispute, and why? These are simple questions any informed representative would know, without a single thought as to what the answer is.

Is this too much for an America citizen to expect from the people they put into their jobs? The questions we hear at the town hall meetings are legitimate concerns any reasonable person would ask about. This brings us back to the argument of representatives not reading the bills brought before them. These kinds of actions by our elected officials are the single reason for this outrage. People are so fed up with the Rhetoric going on in Washington, that the trust is gone and people are beginning to read the bills themselves to find out what is really in them. This is a task we used to trust those we elected to do. That is why we elected them in the first place. If we have to read everything that is brought before our delegates, we wouldn’t need them and we could just put every bill on a ballot, give us time to read it and then vote on it ourselves. Now there’s a concept.

Is this where we are as a country? Do we need to go back in time and hear what the Founding Fathers were saying? What the intentions were for our newly formed country? How about just reading, and understanding what our Constitution says and put it back in the public school curriculum as a mandatory credit for graduation. Common sense tells us that this would be the American thing to do. But, we know that Washington DC is no longer run on common sense. It is run on greed and power. If America is to survive for another two hundred and thirty three years, Americans need to continue the peaceful fight that is being displayed and criticized by the left wing media and not fear those that oppose the common sense of the American people.

These are the times to stand strong in your convictions and educate yourself on the issues that we all care so much about. If you disagree with someone, but they are true to their views and have a reasonable argument, then I say talk it out, but stand by your own beliefs based on your own research, and when all is said and done, walk away in agreement to at least, disagree. This is a common sense value people in Washington do not have. Some politicians constant insults to the American people will not be tolerated by reasonable American citizens, and what politicians don’t seem to understand or just plain doesn’t get, is that most of the American population is reasonable and does have common sense.

Michael Pomper: An American Citizen concerned for the very freedoms we have enjoyed for over 233 years and counting…

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