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Keeping Score in Marriage ? Is Cheating Just Another Way of Keeping Score in Marriage?

Did you know that you were keeping score in marriage? Most people don’t realize that’s what’s going on even as they put another check in the plus or minus column for their partner. All couples do it. Don’t let anyone deny it. But, you can change how score is kept for a healthier outcome for the sake of your marriage and to avoid painful lessons, like a cheating partner, as a result of keeping score in marriage.

Keeping score can be good when it’s done for positive reasons. You know, a sort of “let me count the ways I love you” method of keeping score. That’s how keeping score SHOULD work in marriages. Unfortunately, that’s almost never how it’s actually being used in marriages.

In fact, keeping score in marriage today seems to involve two checks for various misdeeds in the negative column but require several acts or good deeds in order to generate one check in the positive column.

Can anyone say double standard? Oddly enough this isn’t a double standard that is reserved for one particular gender. Both seem equally able to apply this double standard and equally able to complain about the misuse of the system by their marriage partners.

So how do you make this double standard when it comes to keeping score in marriage work in favor of your marriage instead of against it? You get rid of it completely!

The first thing you need to do is erase the negative column completely. If you want your marriage to move forward you have to stop keeping it chained to old wounds, slights, arguments, disagreements, aches, and pains. Seriously, you’ll never have a clear view of what’s in front of you if you’re always too busy looking at what’s been left behind you.

Cheating has been used as a tool for “evening the score” in marriages in the past but it almost always ends badly for everyone involved. Remember that the real answers for marriage aren’t in turning away from your spouse but in turning to the person you’ve pledged to spend your life with instead.



Stop looking for reasons to put your spouse in the big bad dog house. This only keeps your marriage down and may eventually put it out for good. What you need to do instead, if you really want to get your ex back and save your marriage, is focus on the good things and look to the future.


It’s time to step away from the pencil and stop keeping score in your marriage once and for all. Take your first step in the right direction and watch this free video You will learn what your first step must be and where to go from there.

IPL Score and cricket live score keeping the fans updated

IPL living 2011 harmonize with fresh news and most up-to-date attain may well be readily found through different concepts. Television serves to be among the very good concepts for this. By means of quite a few IPL 2011 actual news programmes, you are able grasp the notation of gain and 2 off theme and on subject pursuits happening over the course of meet. This is often indeed probably the greatest methods to have all changes and reside similarities longer cricket addict. But to Online world has happened and sophisticated to a totally new height, and is a rising number of more comfortable for your customers to keep themselves up-to-date about what all is going in IPL 2011.

Over the internet, there is a few of cricket and especially IPL devoted web pages that supply all particulars and facts concerning the similarities being owned and played or be played. It even offers the data which may be most efficient and authentic. The best part about cricket located attain or IPL achieve via internet is always that it is not advisable for you to stick in front of the the face of television to appreciate this all. You could use your computer or laptop anywhere, everytime to discover the bout achieve, locations bench, newest IPL reports and even more together with quite a few mouse clicks.

The followers of IPL 2011 are keen to learn about the matches up being displayed between their favorite IPL groups. Many people just hope to live attached to the unbroken tourney so they usually do not ignore any behavior surfacing both on and off the sector. IPL 2011 make further can help the cricket enthusiasts to float glued to updates and squad standings.

Provided the chaotic and dull arrange which we all are now living in, it truly is indeed challenging to stream every choice being played. This manner, IPL gain is useful thereby putting us not settle on any meet update. In case while you cannot catch to observe the live bout, you are able to nonetheless keep rate by using everything your very best players is doing using cricket live score. Indeed solutions has simple things not just the buyers the person wanted to do shopping, but even for people much like the cricket blowers. Now, IPL 2011 gain might be easily liked with the information. These further keeps the massive myriad of cricket fans have a very tabs on the is the same as with out killing any time or getting down just because you weren t competent to follow it are now living in the stadium or in your trick field.

There are a number of cricket websites that give latest and correct IPL score with elements chart along with fresh news. But it should you confidence those that have been trusty and legitimate. IPL choice viewing is also available on the net nowadays so that you could observe the matches safely. Even value and understanding of meet running are excellent.





You can get the IPL score on the net these days. The cricket live score is a great way to keep oneself up to date. 

Keeping Your Garden Weed-free All Year

Are you sick of unsightly weeds and sprouts choking out your flowers and vegetables? It is time to take matters into your own hands and do some much-needed weeding. Of all the garden chores, hand weeding-yanking weeds while bending, squatting, or kneeling-is the most onerous.

It is such a miserable job that the California legislature has banned farmers from requiring it of their workers. Fortunately, most of us don’t have to endure endless days stooping beneath a sizzling California sun.

However, we do have shrubs that require removal by hand. We, who do not enjoy pulling them by hand, need tools that take the toil out of this chore, giving us more time to enjoy the garden.

Options abound for the gardener seeking an easier way to weed. The files of the U.S. Patent Office must contain six trillion designs for weeding tools.

Hundreds of those designs are on the market at any one time. Some are absurd and useless.

Most are indifferently useful. A few are remarkable in their effectiveness.

Here are a few from the last category. One reason why these undesirable growths are such a nuisance is that they are smart.

They somehow know to sprout right next to one of our desirable seedlings because we’re afraid that pulling it out will damage the plant we want.

The intruder is then free to take up the water and nutrients we intend for our seedling. It’s taken a while, but we’ve finally outsmarted these critters.

One of the best tools consists of a thin, narrow loop of stainless steel attached to a thick, plastic paddle. The 5-inch-long by 2-inch-wide loop slides easily beneath the soil to decapitate weeds, and can slice deeply if the soil is moist.

The best aspect of the looped blade is that its tip can work close to the base of tender young plants without severing their roots. Most slicing weeders must be kept well away from desirable seedlings for fear of causing fatal root damage.

A loop or circle, in its very geometry, matches the downward and outward growth of a plant’s roots and the upward and outward growth of its stem and branches. It eliminates a lot of the thumb and forefinger weed pulling usually necessary around seedlings.

As an all-purpose tool that excels at prying out weeds with fibrous roots or taproots has yet to be surpassed. Also known as a ball weeder, this tool has a two-pronged fork at its business end.

Just above the fork is either a round, steel strap or a wooden ball. The tines of the fork are set at an acute angle, forming a deep, narrow V.

Shove the tines almost vertically into the soil at the base of a weed, and push the handle toward the ground. The steel strap serves as a fulcrum, allowing leverage to pop the growth from the ground without straining the wrist.

Avoid ones that rely on leverage from a narrow or V-shaped strap. When the soil is soft or wet, the strap pushes into the soil and provides no leverage.

Fulcrum ones with a round, metal strap more than an inch wide have enough surface area to avoid this problem. Models that use a wooden ball as a fulcrum do the job in all but the wettest soil, but they can be difficult to find.

Growths that store energy in underground bodies (taproots, corms, and bulbs, for example) are especially difficult to eradicate. If you cut them off at the surface, they will grow a new set of leaves.

If you don’t remove the underground energy supply, you’ll have to do some timely and repeated weeding until you exhaust the plant’s reserves. The Fid, a tool consisting of a tapered trough of stainless steel protruding from a hardwood handle, excels at removing plants with taproots, such as dandelion and Queen Anne’s lace.

It also works well with nut grass and other ones with buried tubers and corms. This precise tool works in tight plantings where a ball weeder would damage adjacent plants.

Hold the tool vertically, and push it straight down alongside the main taproot. Then pull or pry out the unwanted plant.

These pests are a problem because of the large amount of seed they spread. If you can prevent seeds from germinating, you will win a major battle.

Spreading corn gluten in your beds doesn’t prevent germination, but it does inhibit the formation of root hairs through which a seedling absorbs water. Without these root hairs, a seed will die before it pushes above the soil.

With these tips, you can be sure that your garden will remain spotless. Check out some of them today!

Tom Selwick has worked the past 22 years in the lawn care industry. He suggests usingLawn Service Duluth for a quality lawn.

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