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5 Best London Annual Events For Tourists

There are a number of things to see and do in London, such as visiting the zoo and the city’s museums and art galleries; however that may not be unique enough for some tourists, so here is a list of five events that happen in the capital city, but only once a year.

1. The London Marathon – One of the most famous marathons in the world, the London Marathon attracts over 500,000 spectators each year and is a unique event to witness. While there are a number of elite and world famous athletes, many people like to cheer on the runners that are doing the race a bit differently namely in fancy dress. With the Marathon raising thousands of pounds each year for charity, the London Marathon is one of the most charitable and exciting annual events to witness in London.

2. The Boat Race – Occurring in early March or April, the world famous boat race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities attracts huge crowds to see which of the two distinguished colleges will win. Each year over 250,000 people watch the race from the Thames river banks, but even more watch on TV with an estimated 450 million people watching all over the world. Tourists love the race, often enjoying a pub lunch and a few beers during the event. The race is a national institution having been held every year since 1829!

3. The Easter Parade – The parade was first held on Easter Monday1885 as an excuse for the rich and famous to show off their horses, but today the event is famous for its the wide range of vehicles that are on display, including old fashioned fire trucks and horse drawn carriages.

4. Last Night of the Proms – Classical music lovers rejoice! Each year in mid-September, the largest music festival ends with some good old fashioned pomp and circumstance… as well as famous songs like Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia. Tickets are challenging to get, but another event is also held in Hyde Park that attracts crowds in their tens of thousands.

5. Charles I Commemoration Ceremony – Not many countries have executed their monarchs, and to their credit the UK has only executed one Charles I. To remember the event that symbolised the end of the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell’s ascension to power, each year (on the 27th January), there is a large procession that goes from Trafalgar Square to St. James’s Palace the site of Charles’ execution. The procession is made up of volunteers from the King’s Army (English Civil War Society), all of whom are dressed up in traditional 17th century costumes.

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The London Marathon – the globe?s significant yearly marathon

It’s true, the London Marathon has turned out to be the greatest annual charity event on the planet, raising more money for charities than any other annual event, and you will be engaged! Whether you’re thinking about running in London Marathon or perhaps you like to complement and cheer regarding runners, this can be a family group enjoyable occasion that produces for a great day trip.

What’s the London Marathon?

The London Marathon is among the world’s major yearly marathon activities and is section of what’s labeled as the whole world Marathon Majors, along side New York, Boston, Chicago, and Berlin. Nevertheless the London Marathon is a little dissimilar to these other majors given that it’s progressed into a meeting that raises an incredible number of pounds for charity, and, instead of just being a significant sporting occasion it is a thing that the whole family will enjoy. It’s run by full amateurs plus the professional professional athletes that working for crown of London Marathon champion, plus a large sum of award cash!

The London Marathon will be the biggest marathon when it comes to charity money raised, nonetheless it’s by no means the oldest yearly marathon; Boston has received that name because the first Boston Marathon was held back 1897. It absolutely was both the Boston Marathon and the ny Marathon that inspired previous Olympic winner Chris Brasher to start out up the London Marathon. He ran within the 1979 New York Marathon where he saw the possibility for London, establishing the London Marathon to start out in 1981.

Seeing the London Marathon

For spectators the London Marathon is an excellent chance to see a number of the places of capital associated with the uk. The marathon operates the original size, which will be 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195km), through streets for the city, passing by a number of the country’s most well-known landmarks like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf additionally the Houses of Parliament.

Although a lot of spectators decide to stand-in just one single area throughout the early morning, many more choose to maneuver around, picking a few different vantage points to allow them to see pals or family members, or watch out for the major title athletes and superstars.

See the state 2010 London Marathon site as there are exceptional sources on the website for spectators and for those who are working. The interactive map is an extremely useful feature if you’d like to find out the greatest places to stand, and there’s loads of info on getting to the London Marathon, trains and buses an such like.

And when you intend to run-in the 2010 London Marathon; sorry, you’re currently too late to enter. Selections had been manufactured in October, therefore maybe you could explore working into the 2011 event. Unfortunately tens and thousands of potential athletes need to be switched away every year as you will find far more men and women wanting to run-in the London Marathon than there are spaces offered.

The 2010 London Marathon occurs on Sunday 25 April.

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