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Digital Tv Annual Festival Focusing The Three Major Tv Industry Innovation

TV , Digital TV integrated machine, ultra-thin LED LCD … … 2010, how do you watch TV?

TV chat, TV multimedia, remote shopping, get rid of boxes … … 2010, you how to play TV?

2010 6 2, “2010 Annual China Digital TV Festival (the fifth)” will be held in Beijing Wanshou Hotel, this event on a global basis TV Industrial innovation and development, focusing this year’s color TV industry in the three hot topics: Triple Play, 3D TV and Internet TV, from the Ministry of Industry and the State SARFT And the digital TV industry experts will conduct a thorough analysis, for the majority of consumers show a new world of TV!

Theme: 3D TV: the beginning of 2010 to “Avatar” to represent the 3D movie sweeps the world, led to a 3D technology boom. This also greatly promoted the development process of 3D TV: South Africa World Cup, Premiership and a series of sports events broadcast in 3D, the global number of broadcasters to launch 3D television channel, officially opened the prelude to the development of 3D TV. The Chinese and foreign TV companies is the first to start, have released a variety of technology based on 3D TV New. So specific to our country, 3D TV content (channel) when we can meet with consumers? 3D caught up in numerous ways to choose TV, Let’s hear the professional interpretation of the guests!

The second theme: Internet TV: gone through ups and downs in 2009, in March 2010, with the SARFT official license issued by the first three Internet TV, Internet TV’s development into new development track. In 2009, domestic and foreign TV companies are launching Internet TV terminals, the vast Internet content with TV Terminal?? This new fusion Service Model quickly to seize the attention of consumers. Into 2010, color TV enterprises, especially domestic TV business is bound to content and services continue to expand and innovate in this festival, the industrial chain of content providers and television manufacturers will start a dialogue and seek the future, the TV business also on the Company’s outstanding ability in this area with outstanding performance, delivered wonderful speech.

Theme 3: Triple Play and Digital TV one machine: 2010 is the “triple play” first year, at present, “triple play” pilot program is under tension developed, will soon release. No doubt, this will the TV industry, in particular digital television terminal to bring disruptive opportunities, Internet TV, digital TV One machine is the “triple play” of digital devices in the field of macroeconomic proposition micro refraction: Digital TV one machine set aside set-top boxes to consumers, the Internet television experience for consumers to a new content model, which is behind all this “triple play” promotion of the industry trend. 2010, driven by national policy, “triple play” will start in the pilot cities, then, telecommunication, digital cable television operators, terminal, the Internet industry will be more common impact of CLS movement, consumers will also be a big impact in this industry, a large fusion enjoy more, newer and more interesting services.

The festival activities by the Ministry of Industry and Information Office of the approval (Public Communications Office Supervisor 2010 44 files), China Electronic Video Industry Association, “China Digital TV” magazine host.

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