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Yearly Galway Horse Race Meeting Is One Of The Biggest In The World

The Galway Races is an Irish festival that is famous as one of the best horse-racing events in the world. It starts on the last Monday of July each year and is held at Ballybrit race course in Galway, Ireland, over seven days. It is the longest race meeting in Ireland or Britain and combines Flat Racing and National Hunt, attracting some of the best horses from Ireland and Britain.

The biggest race of the week, The Galway Plate, which is a steeplechase run over two miles and six furlongs is run on Wednesday and it attracts the biggest crowd of the festival. This race was first run in 1869 and has produced numerous famous winners. The only horse to win it three times was Tipperary Boy at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The race meeting is now a seven day festival but it was not always so. When it started out at the same Ballybrit track in 1869 it was only for two days. In 1959 it was extended to three days, in 1971 to four days, in 1974 to five days, in 1982 to six days and it has been extended to seven days since 1999.

The race meeting is a massive bonanza for local businesses especially in the hospitality and catering industry. Hotels and bed and breakfasts all over the region are usually full and pub , restaurants, clubs and shops take full advantage of the influx of huge crowds for that week.

The city and surrounding areas is abuzz with activity throughout the week and the streets are full of music, street theatre and vendors of all kinds of goods. A carnival atmosphere permeates the whole area with celebration and revelry continuing into the early morning.

2010 was a year which saw Ireland suffering from a severe recession and banking crisis but this was not evident in Galway during the festival. Millions of euros were gambled on the races and prize money was a healthy 1.5 million. Many more millions was spent on food, drink and entertainment.

Businessmen and politicians ahave been availing of the race meeting to get together and do some networking. There has been no difficulty in getting businesses to sponsor races as they see it as a great opportunity to advertise their products to a worldwide audience. The seven days of racing is viewed by an audience of tens of millions since it is broadcast live on television’s racing channels.

Like many of the top race meetings worldwide, Galway has a ladies day when women dress in their finest outfits in a bid to win the prize of “Best Dressed Lady” There is also a prize for the “Best Dressed Man” but this does not usually get as much attention.

The Galway Races have been the subject of numerous poems, songs and stories over the years and continue to generate a wealth of popular tales and folklore even to this day. Stories of heroism and tragedy, romance and reality, and fortunes gained and lost are the stuff of many a saga related to captive audiences in the late nights in many a bar in Galway and beyond each year.

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Atlantic Toyota Shoppers May Want to Know Toyota Annual Dealer Meeting Features

Consumers who browse dealerships eg Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota should know nutrients are coming their particular method due to the fact latest details from Toyota’s yearly dealership meeting are uncovered.

Atlantic Toyota is a dealership in ny, and lots of kilometers away in another state at the end of Summer an accumulation of Toyota Motor Corporation executives and 1,233 U.S. Toyota dealers collected to speak about the near future.

Annually Toyota dealers from around the united states gather to be controlled by organization goals from the top down and also to learn about the newest improvements in Toyota services and products and technology. Toyota consumers whom are deciding on Atlantic Toyota or close by Huntington Toyota for their next Toyota acquisition is going to be very happy to discover a number of the highlights from the event included:

More freedom for neighborhood dealerships – This may bode well for Toyota shoppers as their local dealers may have more capacity to break far from national deals and provide even more customized promotions for their consumers.
Breakthroughs with Microsoft – In Toyota’s alliance with Microsoft, the corporation should be able to provide motorists brand-new technologies such as the RAV4 EV and brand new progress in telematics (a term that’s frequently always explain mobile communications technology in automobile systems).
2012 Camry and Camry Hybrid – Toyota’s best-selling car need more features and improvements the 2012 design 12 months.

Talking within meeting were Toyota President Akio Toyoda; Toyota Motor united states, Inc., President and COO Yoshi Inaba; Toyota Motor Sales President and COO Jim Lentz; TMS Senior vice-president Senior vice-president, Automotive Operations Don Esmond; Toyota Division Group vice-president and General management Bob Carter; and Vice President-Scion Jack Hollis.

Relating to a pr release, Mr. Toyoda thanked dealers because of their efforts of $ 11.5 million into the Japan tragedy relief energy made following the earthquake and tsunami disaster on March 11, 2011.

Furthermore, he told attendees just how committed Toyota stays to at the forefront in car business by saying, “We must earn it with our activities in accordance with our terms, with great services and products and great solution with genuine love for our customers and our communities.”

Various other highlights noted by Toyota executives which may be of interest to those shopping dealerships eg Atlantic Toyota or Huntington Toyota included:

a much better data recovery for Toyota because the Japan catastrophe with manufacturing amounts for eight designs gone back to regular in June and four designs predicted to go back to completely in September
Information the Prius family members launch continues to be on schedule
More complex automobiles showing up shortly such as the Prius plug-in hybrid, the RAV4 EV and Scion iQ EV
A fresh plant in Mississippi that’s opening when you look at the autumn that’ll have a production of 150,000 Corollas annually
The Etune system will likely make its debut in all-new Prius v and Camry this fall



To learn more, go to or phone 888-247-0226.

[Source: Toyota]

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Suning Hold 2005 Annual General Meeting On Supplementary Circular

Board of Directors of the Company and all members of contents of this announcement is true, accurate and complete, there is no false record, misleading statement or significant omission.

Of Suning Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Company) on March 12, 2006 the “Securities Times”, “China Securities News”, “the Shanghai Securities News”, “Securities Daily” huge influx of information Online published “on the cancellation of part of the 2005 Annual General Meeting cum-extension motion of the 2005 annual meeting of stockholders held in the notice” (No. 2006-012). Given the reasons stated in the notice, the board decided to cancel the 2005 annual meeting of stockholders of the original “on the changes motion”, to add a new “About modification proposal” and extended holding of the 2005 Annual General Meeting. Is the 2005 annual meeting of stockholders to add the following notice:

One meeting: 2006 4 7 (Friday) 14:00

II Conference Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Huaihai Road, Building 68, Suning Appliance Company, 17th Floor Conference Room

Three way meeting: vote on site

4, cancel the motion title: “About modification of motion”;

5, the proposal to increase the name: “About modification of the proposal,” the specific content of Annex I;

Shareholder proposals: Zhang Jindong; Stake: 31.90% direct stake in the company held by Jiangsu Suning Appliance Co., Ltd. indirectly holds 4.65% stake in the company, combined 36.55% stake in holding company

6, the meeting other issues unchanged.

Hereby. Suning Appliance Co., Ltd. Board 2006 3 28 Annex I: On revising “the Articles of Association” of the proposal

For company needs to increase the company’s business scope; the same time under the “Articles of Association of Listed Companies Guide” (revised 2006), “SME interests of investors protection guidelines” and relevant laws and regulatory requirements , to be on the “Articles of Association,” read as follows:

1, the original first chapter “for the maintenance of the company, shareholders and creditors of the legitimate rights and interests, standardizing the organization and behavior, according to” The People’s Republic of China Company Law “(hereinafter referred to as” Company Law “) and other relevant regulations, formulate the Constitution “be amended as:

“To safeguard the company, shareholders and creditors of the legitimate rights and interests, standardizing the organization and behavior, according to” The People’s Republic of China Company Law “(hereinafter referred to as” Company Law “),” Securities Law “( hereinafter referred to as “Securities Act”) and other relevant regulations, formulate the Constitution “;

2, the original second paragraph of the second chapter, “the company by the Jiangsu Provincial Government (Soviet government [2001] No. 109) approved changes to the original set up a limited liability company. Companies registered in Jiangsu Province Administration for Industry registration, business license “was changed to:

“Company by the Jiangsu Provincial Government (Soviet government [2001] No. 109) approved changes to the original set up a limited liability company. Company in Jiangsu Province Administration for Industry and registration, business license, business license No. 3200002100433 “;

3, original first paragraph of Article the first chapter, “The Articles of Association from the effective date, shall become standardizing the organization and behavior, companies and shareholders, between shareholders and shareholder rights and obligations, and has legally binding document “was changed to:

“Articles of Association from the effective date, shall become standardizing the organization and behavior, companies and shareholders, between shareholders and shareholder rights and obligations, legally binding document, the Company, shareholders Directors, supervisors and senior managers legally binding document “;

4, Article X of the original first chapter, “The statute referred to other senior management staff is the company’s board secretary, financial officer,” was revised to:

“The statute referred to other senior management personnel is the vice president, board secretary, chief financial officer”;

5, Article XII of the original chapter, “The business scope is: home appliances, electronic products, office equipment, communications products (except satellite ground receiving facilities) and parts of the chain of sales and services; computer software , sales, system integration; Internet Information Services (the scope of business by permit); department stores, bicycle, electric bicycle, motorcycle, motor vehicles (excluding cars) sales chain; industrial investment; space lease, rental counters; domestic goods exhibition services; corporate image planning; economic information consultation service; personnel training; Business Agent

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