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The 2010 Annual Meeting In Hainan Xiao Mobilization Meeting / Map

2009, has quietly left us in 2010, You Yi new look at us, at this moment toot, on Hainan Xiao Fire Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. in January 8th, 2010 at the first floor conference room at the company’s 2010 annual meeting of the mobilization meeting, welcomed the new year work plan and goals, company leaders and staff attended the meeting.

Working to mobilize the General Assembly

Meeting chaired by the Deputy General Manager Shengyuan Ming. Meeting first reported by the departments share the department intends to major work in 2010. Marketing Manager Wu investment and development market, according to the 2010 work of the Department Rules dwell on a daily basis to expand the company’s market competitiveness, enhance the turnover of the target, each job, everything holding company, on corporate responsibility, improve service quality, be responsive, available at home, stick to principles, not ultra vires, does not own decisions and their dedication and work attitude and work style of doing marketing for each work; project Technology Xiao, vice president of package? On engineering technology combined with a number of key areas of work and content is steadily Technology job duties, adhere to technical consulting and technical services to provide customers with quality service, enhance technical skills, team strength for the company’s technology development and more contribute; Xu vice president of engineering management to report to “deepen the management, strengthen security,” the progress of efforts to achieve quality and safety of the combination of strict positioning the company to achieve “meticulous management, full-service” task; Wu Deputy reported on the work of the Office of the major efforts to improve the level and quality of service, to carry out rushed superior activities, to strengthen contract management and vehicle management, efforts to promote good corporate image, increase efforts to promote, the depth and breadth, serious implementation of the company The job requirements and responsibilities, better all-round good office work; Yao Assistant combines the work of a strict financial management of the examination and approval system with a paragraph, increase the contract review and expand the demand for professionals, such as to continuously improve financial work of the task; Sheng Deputy efforts to do the work on personnel management and personnel management system and continually improve corporate performance appraisal system, personnel training and the introduction of actively doing to develop in-house training programs, manpower development for the company protection, the company’s labor and personnel doing the work.

Last chairman, general manager Qiu-Rong Li made his concluding remarks at the meeting. First, the General Lee over the past decade review the company’s development process, on the last two five-year plan to achieve that certainly hope that we consolidate and carry forward the achievements of the past ten years the fund will always stick to business brand development. General Lee said: Expo 2010 is the year, also will be an extraordinary year, is an important year for development of the company, all employees must be mindful of the potential should not only fully reckon with some of the difficulties, the response Some measures to consider more carefully, but also pay attention to changing circumstances in the development of capture and grasp the rare opportunity to discover and nurture the positive factors to speed up the pace of reform, do well in transition. Its main contents are: a new thinking in development; 2 in the services need new ideas; three have new ideas in the guiding ideology; four new measures in the management of the need. We must set high standards, high starting point, and further inspired, pioneering spirit, do solid work, with full enthusiasm, serious working attitude, in accordance with the main points of the company in 2010 as a guide, every effort of the work in 2010, with concrete action to write the CLS chapter’s new year!

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