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Ghd Hair Products: A Brief Report

Hair products of GHD like shampoos, conditioners, flat irons, creams, sprays, serums and waxes are being used all across the world. GHD makes hair care products that are safe for hair and do not damage them. The most popular product of GHD is hair straightener as it gained the title of ‘best hair styling gadget’ in year 2008.
GHD ensures you a real good hair day by giving you a fantastic range of hair products.

Since heat can damage hair therefore, GHD design such heat protecting products that does not harm hair. GHD has a heat shield protection system that prevents heat to penetrate into hair. Shampoos and conditioners are made up of sunflower seed extract that provide UV protection.

GHD hair straightener

It straightens your hair without harming them. It is available in market in three specials designs namely GHD IV salon styler, GHD IV styler and GHD IV mini styler.

GHD IV Salon Styler

It is the most up-to-date hair product introduced by GHD. It has two years warranty and can be controlled more easily. It is designed for women having thick and long hair. It has extra features of making curls, waves and flips. It is designed with a new digital knowledge that helps to adjust heating temperature automatically.

The most important and attractive feature of this styler is the sleep mode. With this feature you do not need to worry if you left the styler unattended for 30 minutes as it will turn off automatically. The plates if this styler is up of ceramics and aluminum that do not allow over heating.

Additional features

It is a truth that more than 90% of GHD hair straighteners with electricity fault can be repaired. Spare parts of old models are still available in the market. Repair of old models need only power cable to be changed.

GHD gives money back guarantee. The company repairs the product without charging much and in case they cannot repair then you get your money back. The repair does not charge for replacing damaged parts and returning the product to the owner.

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BREEAM Credits for Water Saving Products

BREEAM is an assessment process started in 1990 covering both offices and dwellings. Credits are awarded for different areas in terms of performance, and the credits are totalled to give an overall score. This score will give the building a rating: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding.

This process was created by the Building Research Establishment to rate green buildings in the UK. The idea is to find solutions to minimise the environmental impact of construction and improve sustainability, as well as reducing running costs and improving working and living environments.

Water is a key element to sustainability, it is important that water saving products are used in the home to regulate the amount of water used per household.  The BREEAM assessment process awards credits if the following are in place:

Water Efficient Appliances
Water Metering
Leak Detection Systems
Water Butts

Low Flush WCs –

Low flush toilets are an example of building products that follow Part G building regulations and can be awarded BREEAM credits. Toilets use 30% of the total water used in a household, and a low flush toilet can reduce the amount used by more than half. Dual flush systems are widely recommended for new dwellings as you can choose the amount of water needed to flush the bowl.

Aerated Taps and Showerheads –

The majority of wasted water in the home is due to taps and shower heads. An aerated tap or showerhead bubbles air in with the water to reduce the amount used without reducing the pressure.

Flow Reduced Taps and Showerheads –

Similar to aerated taps and showerheads, flow reduced taps can be installed to reduce the amount of water used in the home. Flow reduced taps and showerheads force the water through smaller holes, which saves water by producing a finer, firmer spray.

Water Metering –

A water meter can be installed to measure the amount of water used. There are various types of water meter available based on the type of user, required flow rates and accuracy requirements. Water metering is awarded BREEAM credits as it acts as an incentive to reduce water consumption.

Leak Detection Systems –

Water leak detection systems also reduce water consumption; therefore will be awarded BREEAM credits. Most leak detection systems available have been designed to comply with the BREEAM assessment criteria. Such systems are designed to detect water leaks within the building and between the building and the edge of the property by monitoring the quantity of water flowing through the pipes. A leak detection system can be set to work on a timer, as water consumption varies dependant on the building being occupied at different times. If a leak is detected it is possible to set the system to shut off the water supply completely or just raise an alarm.

Water Butts –

Water butts, also known as rainwater tanks, are used to collect rainwater runoff from drains and rooftops. The stored water can be reused for example: watering gardens, flushing toilets, or washing cars which will reduce water consumption for the household.

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After A Good Helper Hold The 2010 National Annual Installed Products Division

2010 2 1st, the “sharp sword 2010. The basis of achievements in the future” as the theme in 2010 after the installation of domestic products division annual meeting, a good helper in the electronics industry base complex opened on the first floor conference room harmony. 2010

sharp sword. Based on future success. Chinese auto industries have increasingly competitive market and a severe test, the key objective of our sharp sword is that we must dare to Sword, Sword only dare to gallant general, we can have hope to win. The protection of our victory is our unbreakable foundation, foundation is not strong, the earth was moving, not unbreakable foundation, we have no forward momentum, all to become a forest without trees, without a source of water. The basis of deciding, based on achievements in the future, based on leading the future!

Before the General Assembly, all participants singing “Sam’s Big Dipper”, singing the enthusiasm, passion and confidence! Then, after the installation of domestic product general manager Wu Huayi, deputy general manager Li Bing, Liu, Senior Manager, Customer Service waves, Minister of Commerce Duan Lei, Finance Minister Hu after the beginning of loading, after loading the Minister of Human Resources Management, Mei Lin has in the General Assembly made a work report.

Afternoon, board member, Institute of Manufacturing Division, the product management center and other leaders attended the annual meeting. From January 26 to 30, after the installation of domestic sales of the elite for a period of five days of “jade training camp” for you sales teams, all-round exercise, trained to have a good helper powerful marketing Corps the afternoon session, play the “Our Story” video, which shows a good helper marketing Corps presence.

Short statement afterwards, caska category Marketing Center Deputy Director Kang Jichun, Branch, deputy director of marketing Traders category Wong Yat Tung, HBS marketing category Yue Qiang Wei, deputy director of the 2010 plan were described. Intelligent Electronics Research Institute Lihua Gui, manufacturing general manager Chen Sijie, Minister Xie Meng product management center were described in the General Assembly in 2010 the company product development, product planning, information on various aspects of manufacturing.

In the past year, in the fierce market competition, emergence of large numbers of outstanding individuals and teams, in order to thank them for their contributions to the company, thank them for their hard work pay, held a “Customer Star” “Sales Star”, “highest honor, President”, “Chairman Award” grand prize award ceremony. Prayer flag show anger armed forces, caska strive for hegemony the world, Li-jun book 100 will roar, Section Traders shock Divine, horn ring cavalry flying, HBS windy heaven and earth. 2010, bigger battlefield soldiers! After installation, general manager of marketing for the National Army commander Wu Huayi conducted the flag presentation ceremony for the Army.

Finally, Lucan Guang chairman, Luo Dajun president delivered an important speech at the conference, pointed out the good helper of electronic strategic development goals the next three years, has greatly encouraged the majority of sales people to fight. Secretary for the General Assembly in majestic song to pull down the curtain.

Night, after the installation of domestic products division brigade all the staff in the Sanshui Branch, held a “hustle and bustle of Spring,” a reception to celebrate Chinese New Year dinner and show, the dinner scene, magnificent, singing and dancing and singing, enjoyable, sketch two-person show, wreathed in smiles, as well as award repeatedly pumping, my colleagues are friendly and wave after wave. After the installation of domestic product in 2010 Spring Festival evening party full of Division lively, happy, cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

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