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Marine Pumps: Cast Eternal Credit Quality Of Excellence – Marine Pump, Water Pump – Pump Industry

Editor’s Note: As the pump industry early trading, the quality of marine water pumps with high quality and integrity of service attitude, careful management, has won the trust of customers, the market has maintained a leading edge. Financial Crisis, marine pump employees surmount, breaking a number of technical problems, develop new products to provide users with more convenient products and services. Passed 20 years of development of road, sea water pump at a steady pace walking in the pump market, the high end. The face of fierce market competition, the future of marine water pumps will continue to use the product to speak, to speak with the service, speak with the true quality of the voice, to more permanent water pump production journey.

Marine pump new chairman Zheng Enterprises to the most important long-term integrity
HC Network : Sea water pump is the most Oubei one of the first pump, after so many years of development, what do you think enterprises should operate in order to go long in the market?

Zheng new: We believe that enterprises should take the long-term will certainly depend on good faith, in Oubei business, we have good faith, for our Project If funds are not available, we will help him Advancer business, we feel that the other party have credit, we can let the other party owes the first, our side of production, ensuring delivery of the project, which a bit like bank loans certainly required good faith, and we input is great.

HC Network: Pump operating time as one of the longest, you talk about changes in the market in recent years water pump?

Zheng new: I feel in recent years, the domestic market is basically not much has changed, our business is mainly bigger pump, as kaicong spring, with Chengdu is the bigger pump, we here rather complete variety of large pump, the Shanghai Kai Quan , East, even as we are going out from Oubei, sometimes from us to add some type of pump, in fact, are similar in terms of the quality of.

Shanghai market we are doing in the past that people do it mainly by Fujian Sell Approach has become the past, we mainly rely on sales offices across the country, we will strengthen and distributors, Proxy Business cooperation.

Promote understanding between enterprises to improve
HC Network: You a brief analysis of domestic and international market development? And international product compared to what gaps exist?

Zheng new: The period of financial crisis, the economic benefits of the overall market is bad, we have foreign trade business, the depreciation of the euro soon, the Middle East have in our market, but on the whole had been weak.

And pump products abroad than foreign companies pump products are small, but very light, their costs are low, this market we will be increasingly difficult. Foreign products are mainly sold from the price, the quality of his country better than in the raw materials, good workmanship. For example, mechanical Seal , Domestic 100 a, 700 a foreign, mainly rely on mechanical pump seals.

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