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The Annual Weston Super Mare Motorbike Beach Race!

It usually happens in October; however the specific dates do alter every year and are totally dependent upon the tides upon the seventh estuary. But when they are right, Weston Super Mare plays host to an amazing spectacle endurance beach race for motorbikes.

Please correct me if I’m wrong in this statement, but I have searched carefully upon the Internet and cannot find another motorbike race like this one which is held in the UK. So this race is really unusual and not something you have probably seen before or will see anywhere else.

The race itself is held at the southern end of the Weston Super Mare beach, just head for the large building at the end of the Beach lawns which used to be the Weston Super Mare hospital.

A week or so before the start of the race local residents become aware of heavy earth moving equipment such as diggers and bulldozers arriving upon the beach. These immediately start pushing digging sand around mostly into compact mounds which make an interesting racing track which seems to change a little bit every year.

These are closely followed by a small army of men who erect scaffolds and lorrys arriving with miles of fencing to separate the competitors and their powerful machines from the spectators. In just a couple of days the beach is converted into a winding race track which must be two or three miles in length.

As the Weston Super Mare and Enduro beach race lasts for the whole weekend, on one day they race quad bikes, and on the second day they race motorbikes and motorbikes and sidecars. They are both really fun to watch, however, the quad bikes and become the favourites of my family.

Within the first action packed lap or two the bikes and quads start to make the course EXTRA testing as they find the soft spots at the corners and the approaches to the jumps. These wet spots and holes quickly get deeper and wider making it really interesting for spectators, many of which spend the majority of the race attempting to free their machines from these quagmires only to be captured by them again on the very next lap.

To make this race even more interesting for the spectators some of the more fun loving among the competitors race in fancy dress and brings an extra big smile to your face as you see Batman or a mountain gorilla appearing over one of the jumps.

On both days the races start at midday and take approximately 3 hours for all the riders the finish. As its autumn the day is usually called and fresh but the spectators, but I imagine very hot and totally exhausting for the competitors.

As you can see I really look forward to this event and I encourage you to give it a try for yourself because I think once experienced you will become a regular visitor. Even on the coldest and wettest day it is still loads of fun, noisy and exciting and very addictive.

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Yearly Galway Horse Race Meeting Is One Of The Biggest In The World

The Galway Races is an Irish festival that is famous as one of the best horse-racing events in the world. It starts on the last Monday of July each year and is held at Ballybrit race course in Galway, Ireland, over seven days. It is the longest race meeting in Ireland or Britain and combines Flat Racing and National Hunt, attracting some of the best horses from Ireland and Britain.

The biggest race of the week, The Galway Plate, which is a steeplechase run over two miles and six furlongs is run on Wednesday and it attracts the biggest crowd of the festival. This race was first run in 1869 and has produced numerous famous winners. The only horse to win it three times was Tipperary Boy at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The race meeting is now a seven day festival but it was not always so. When it started out at the same Ballybrit track in 1869 it was only for two days. In 1959 it was extended to three days, in 1971 to four days, in 1974 to five days, in 1982 to six days and it has been extended to seven days since 1999.

The race meeting is a massive bonanza for local businesses especially in the hospitality and catering industry. Hotels and bed and breakfasts all over the region are usually full and pub , restaurants, clubs and shops take full advantage of the influx of huge crowds for that week.

The city and surrounding areas is abuzz with activity throughout the week and the streets are full of music, street theatre and vendors of all kinds of goods. A carnival atmosphere permeates the whole area with celebration and revelry continuing into the early morning.

2010 was a year which saw Ireland suffering from a severe recession and banking crisis but this was not evident in Galway during the festival. Millions of euros were gambled on the races and prize money was a healthy 1.5 million. Many more millions was spent on food, drink and entertainment.

Businessmen and politicians ahave been availing of the race meeting to get together and do some networking. There has been no difficulty in getting businesses to sponsor races as they see it as a great opportunity to advertise their products to a worldwide audience. The seven days of racing is viewed by an audience of tens of millions since it is broadcast live on television’s racing channels.

Like many of the top race meetings worldwide, Galway has a ladies day when women dress in their finest outfits in a bid to win the prize of “Best Dressed Lady” There is also a prize for the “Best Dressed Man” but this does not usually get as much attention.

The Galway Races have been the subject of numerous poems, songs and stories over the years and continue to generate a wealth of popular tales and folklore even to this day. Stories of heroism and tragedy, romance and reality, and fortunes gained and lost are the stuff of many a saga related to captive audiences in the late nights in many a bar in Galway and beyond each year.

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The Annual Spring Festival Travel Race Is Originating

Once we all realize, the springtime event is coming and China begins its yearly Spring Festival vacation dash on Wednesday, with an expected 2.56 billion traveler trips inside coming 40 times.

Its stated that airlines and trains have already been added to deal with the passenger rise, that is 11.6% up year on year, in accordance with the Ministry of Transport.

Once we can easily see from the development that aside from the temporary trains, much more high-speed trains have been put in operation for Spring Festival. It is said the high-speed train could be increased to 88 pairs this present year, 55 over last year’s 33 sets in capital of main Asia’s Hubei Province, Wuhan which mainly eased the issues of purchasing seats for people.

As we can easily see your snowfall and sleet has actually struck five provincial amount regions, including Hunan, Guangxi, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan since Monday, disrupting transport companies.

And our country began to released some solutions, as an example the Ministry of Public safety Tuesday bought police into the five hard-hit areas to go all out to help keep traffic moving and also make yes no expressways were shut down due to slippery roads.

This is certainly stated that the authorities within the five localities had been ordered to completely clean snowfall and ice in the roadways and store emergency reaction products, including snowfall blowers, and continue maintaining control of the movement of vehicles heading to the hardest-hit Guizhou province.

The vice minister associated with Ministry of Transport, Weng Mengyong stated that Snow and ice would bring great problems to transportation. It is known by Weng that five areas of work, including anti-ice preparation, information release, keeping track of network, crisis reaction and collaboration with public safety bureaus, was organized in front of the vacation peak.

At the beginning of 2008, freezing weather across south Asia caused power slices and transport chaos, preventing numerous residents from going home for family reunions during China’s lunar new year.

As we is able to see from development that various other new services are being furnished since the stress of transport is increasing this present year. Within the next 40 days, not just people, but in addition railway crews, will deal with great difficulties. The railroad authorities Zhao Hongye in Lanzhou, money of northwest China’s Gansu Province said that Patrolling had been like a sauna in my experience.

It really is stated that Zhao additionally stated it was too crowded. The 18 carriages had been just 450 meters long, however it took me personally at the very least couple of hours to go though.

“This is the homesickness making the massive migration,” said Li Jiwei, a college student in Lanzhou, who had been counting the hours to have on their train house.

“It’s only 10 hours left,” he said. “we cannot wait going home. The warm of residence can offset all the problems on the trip,” he said.

“There isn’t any Spring Festival if you’re maybe not in the home,” stated Zhou Changnong, a migrant employee, going from Xining, capital of southwest China’s Qinghai Province, to his city in central Asia’s Hunan Province.

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