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Are You At Risk For Poor Scores?

Working in global organizations, one thing is certain. You will get evaluated on your performance. Are your presentation skills putting you at risk for getting poor scores?

A few weeks ago, giving a presentation skills training for a new team in a world-class company, I noticed a few participants hovering at the side. Turns out, they were worried about how they would be graded. (From 1 = poor to 5 = excellent is a big range…and your scores make a huge difference in getting ahead.)

Presentation anxiety can put the best presenter on edge. But if you are also fretting about how you will be evaluated, and what this could mean to your career path, everything escalates.

Negative thinking about your evaluation score quickly triggers a sub-optimal state of mind. In other words, you’re nervous, jumpy and off your game.

What can you do to turn things around?

In working with top executives, top performing sales professionals, and public speakers who demand their personal best in every setting, I’ll share a few pointers I’ve seen work wonders.

1.   Picture Success

Visualize yourself giving an outstanding presentation. Show your story with pictures, examples and evidence. Connect with your audience. Get very specific in your visualization. Imagine people smiling, talking, and getting engaged. Hear the applause. See the top scores on your evaluations.

The more vivid your picture, the more you connect with the emotions of winning. A positive mental picture triggers a positive emotional state, which in turns ignites optimal performance.

2.   Stretch With Continuous Learning

Constantly stretch your skills. Learn new ways to structure your story. Expand your ability to show ideas with hand-drawn sketches, whiteboard selling techniques, and effective slide design.

Rather than doing what you are familiar with all the time, grow your skills by learning something new. If time is short, learn new skills in online training. You are in charge of what you learn, and when you learn. This is the most convenient and effective way to build new presentation skills.

3.   Speak To Friends

Picture your audience as a group of friends. Speak openly and conversationally, as you would to people you already know. If you don’t know a single person, just imagine that these are friends you are about to meet.

By speaking directly and openly, you’ll shift formal situations into open conversations. This is very effective and highly welcome in business settings.

Most people would much rather have an interesting and informative conversation, than sit through a dull, formal recitation.

4.   Focus On Performance

Do your personal best every time you speak to individuals and groups. If you are speaking to a small group, ask for on-the-spot feedback and interaction. If addressing an audience in a conference or auditorium, simulate a conversation with a few key people in the group.

Focus on your performance in real time. Look for feedback so you can make adjustments to match your delivery to audience interest. If everyone wants to know about the latest technology advances, spend your time on this. Don’t go into the details of how you created the technology—focus on real-time performance.

By directing your attention on creating a lively presentation, you won’t distract yourself worrying about evaluation scores.

5.   Get Personal Feedback

The best, world-class presenters started out with wobbly knees and a healthy dose of stage fright. But they got over it. How? Work with an executive coach to get candid, personal feedback. If you are serious about giving exceptional presentations and getting terrific scores, working with a coach should be at the top of your list.

The good news? Getting personal coaching is now much more affordable and convenient than ever before. With virtual coaching, you will get one-on-one complete attention and candid advice.

Bottom line? Focus on actions that will get you top scores. As we’ve just seen you can count them on your hand: positive attitude, continuous learning, peak performance, audience interaction, and personal coaching.

Stop worrying about your scores. Instead, pay attention to powerful presentation delivery.

Milly Sonneman is a recognized expert in visual language. She is the co-director of Presentation Storyboarding, a leading presentation training firm, and author of the popular guides: Beyond Words and Rainmaker Stories available on Amazon. Milly helps business professionals give winning presentations, through Email Marketing skills trainings at Presentation Storyboarding. You can find out more about our courses or contact Milly through our website at:

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Improve your scores with SAT prep classes

SAT or the scholastic aptitude test is a standard way of getting into any college or university in the United States. It’s a test which is mandatory for every individual wanting to study in the US. The scores required for one to clear this examination range approximately 600 to 2400.


Preparing for any entrance exam requires a lot of prior preparation and similarly for SAT it is very important for one to select the appropriate and the best SAT prep classes which is not an easy task. These exams are considered to be very important. With so many classes offering SAT prep guarantee and with so much of competition everywhere it is very important for one to select the right one which may be helpful. One also has many preferences and choices when studies are concerned and getting into the course of your own choice is not easy therefore it is essential for one to score the best in the exam and therefore it becomes important for one to take these classes which offer a wide method of teaching that makes it very simple for students to understand the concepts and also gives one the most best way of learning- practice!


They say practice makes man perfect and that’s what the SAT prep classes follow that a lot of practice will improve the chance of scoring as it will clear all the concepts and doubts. There are several benefits that one can avail of from these SAT prep classes such as if one is used to study just for few hours then even after a lot of practice or understanding or even trying hard one will not be able to do it thoroughly and whatever the person is trying to study all that will start to fade away and also a lot of time will be wasted. SAT prep classes help one to improve the brains intake power and its mental endurance that will help the person to concentrate well and also make him understand all the difficult concepts in a more effective way.


SAT prep classes make it simple to understand each and every concept and also help to reduce a lot of confusion and reduce the anxiety that one goes through while studying for SAT as it is an exam which is highly recommended for getting into colleges in the US. It teaches the student to time themselves as for every entrance exam there is a time limit and it is very important to finish the exam in that given time limit. It also gives a rough idea to the students the time they should set to answer one question so that they don’t take ten minutes to answer a single question. offers you SAT prep classes and PSAT tutoring service in and around Bergen County. We have been the pioneers in the domain for over thirty years.

Proper research paper formats add to your scores

For your research paper to be a success, internal and external formatting must be looked into. Both of these parts are very important and contribute to the impression the research paper creates to your lecturer and by so doing it takes your score a notch higher.

Any research paper tends to adopt three major parts in its format; the introduction part, body and conclusion. This structure is what makes your points easy to understand and makes them easy to present in your term paper. It also provides a smooth flow of your work and hence smooth reading to your instructor.

If you would come up with a logical introduction paragraph, an informative and precise message in the body and an accurate summary at the end; these are the 3 things that are essential for a good research paper format. Other aspects of a research paper that you can consider are as follows:

Margins of 1 inch are ideal unless otherwise instructed by your course tutor. Do not assume what you know or have applied many other previous times, abide by all the given instructions.
Ensure that the printing paper is plainly white. It should never be patched or colored whatsoever. Text should be printed on one side of the paper only.
Double spacing is mostly used in many research paper formats. If either double or single spacing is required, use it throughout the paper.
A research paper outline helps the student focus on the points mentioned in brief; they are explained in greater depths in the body. The instructor too can easily track the facts mentioned in the outline.
An accurate research paper format employs the use of quotations while providing all sources of your references in text and at the end of the paper. Do not just format your paper using the citation style that first rings in your mind, go by what your tutor has directed.
To be accurate, refer to the guidelines given on the latest edition of tutorials in every writing style.
Format all pages uniformly except where special considerations are required like in the reference list page.

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Strategies for Increasing Your Golf Scores

Just about every single hole in golf requires some type of an iron shot. When you can routinely hit the greens with your strategy irons and position your ball near the pins, you happen to be going to have your share of birdies and pars. It stands to cause that a superb iron player who can immediate his ball to within the 15-foot circle close to the flag will shoot reduce scores than the player who is 50 feet away, chipping from off the green or blasting from a trap. It’s fairly tough to three-putt from 15 feet, but the odds versus parring a hole go larger whenever a player is hoping to get down in two from 50 feet, regardless of whether he’s on or off the green. Irons play. The generate as well as puttThere may be some disagreement with what We have stated right here, since some golfers consider the drive to be the most essential shot in golf, people think it is the putt, although nonetheless others take into account the iron shot to get most crucial. A person golfer contends which you cannot get the ball on the green with the iron shot in the event you are constantly taking part in out of the rough or behind trees. On the other hand, I want to indicate that, regardless of exactly where a player takes place to become, a second shot, normally an iron shot, continues to be needed to achieve the green, whether or not you are in difficulty or not. In the event you are, as well as your second, or possibly your 3rd, shot is off line or misjudged, that you are in more problems. A good iron player can usually salvage a par, or maybe obtain a birdie, from out of the rough. A poor iron player has no this kind of chance. It truly is very well to remember that you measure drives in yards but accuracy with your irons in feet.A different golfer maintains the premium should be on placing. I grant that power having a putter is really a wonderful asset, however it can not compensate for poor iron play indefinitely. Fantastic gamers like Bill Casper and Arnold Palmer usually do not depend completely on driving or putting to deliver them championships and typical paychecks. Normally, they excel in all those phases on the game, but it is their talent with their iron clubs that puts them around the offensive when they drive off the initial tee. By the exact same token, a faulty iron player have to play defensive golf, avoid difficulty, and depend on his short game to help you salvage a respectable score.The Six Essential “Feel” Positions I urge you to pay heed for the six fundamental “feel” positions in the swing. They may be: (1) the grip, (2) the stance and deal with about the ball, (3) the placement halfway around the backswing, (4) the leading of the swing with Ping g15 driver, (5) one of the most important of every one of the come to feel positions – the commence on the downswing to a position exactly where the hands are about hip-high, and (6) the placement in the hands, arms, and physique with the hitting region to a level exactly where the arms parallel the ground around the follow-through. Study these positions carefully, then attempt to acquire into them oneself. This can guide you piece your swing collectively as one would match the items of a jigsaw puzzle into their natural areas.Gradually, but absolutely, the mold of the swing will get kind, and it’ll develop a repeating pattern that should make your golfing shots go straighter and truer than you actually before thought attainable.

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Can Skipping Questions Improve SAT Scores?

Oh, the infamous SAT. How in the world do individuals grade this thing? 450? Certain that’s average for a few children, but what’s the essential difference between a 450 and a 460 in terms of correct responses? How can I drudge through four and a half hours whilst still being prosper?

Let’s begin by observing this test. The SAT is scored on a 200-800 point scale. Combined mathematics, Writing, and Reading scores equal an ideal 2400. These scores are tabulated utilizing a raw rating conversion chart. Take a visit under:

Due to

Now that we’ve sifted through apparent, let’s mention a far more essential detail: you obtain 1 point for each and every concern you obtain right and a ¼ point deduction for every question you get wrong. Here’s the weird component; you’re going to get NO points off for questions you skip.

Therefore now you might be wondering, “Well just how do I take advantage of this?”

Here’s how. Sentence Completions, mathematics, and Grammar are ordered in accordance with difficulty. Including: in a ten question Sentence Completion area initial 2-3 questions would be simple, the middle 4 concerns is going to be medium difficulty, in addition to final few is likely to be difficult. Once you learn that an average of you may not respond to tough level questions precisely, in which in case you concentrate your energies? That’s right. Economize on the talents. Pupils just who save money time on questions they are expected to respond to precisely do better on test.

Here’s better still news. Centering on one’s strengths can also shorten the testing experience. If you skipped the final two concerns of a section for their trouble, you may be bettering your pace, and using time appropriately. Statistics reveal that difficult concerns tend to be answered approximately 10percent of times, with students investing almost twice as much amount of time allotted to resolve these questions.

The effective use of this process should vary according to a student’s strengths. If, for example, students is way better in mathematics than verbal, they should respond to more concerns when you look at the math parts and miss much more in spoken parts.  This involves diagnostic and sample evaluation to genuinely determine these skills. Testing facilities particularly Five Things Learning in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn provide diagnostic and test evaluation through SAT Test Prep classes. By starting with this easy treatment, our SAT tutors are able to assist students give attention to their particular weaknesses while making more of the intellectual strengths. Throughout all standard test using, one truth continues to be continual: we must believe like test takers and test producers to be able to succeed.

Ryan Andrews is a well-known educator. He presently resides in Brooklyn, nyc. He works in Five Points Mastering together with the other dedicated and passionate mathematics tutors, English tutors and composing tutors. 

Highest School Scores For Medical Schools Based On Mcat Scores

While the cost of education is skyrocketing and institutions are increasing their tuition fees time and again, students on their turn will always like to study in the schools with high reputation. However, it is necessary for them to secure highest school scores for getting admitted into the best schools. At the same time such scores also give higher ranking to the schools concerned on state and national basis.

MCAT Scores

When it comes to highest school scores for medical schools, it is always the MCAT scores or the Medical College Admission Test scores on the basis of which the rankings are decided. It is also one of the most important factors for the prospective students for admission in the medical schools and is managed by the AAMC or the Association of American Medical Colleges.

MCAT Features

Some of the features of MCAT are as follows-

* MCAT is based on a 15 point scale format.
* In the point system, 1 is the lowest while 15 is the highest.
* Medical schools calculate the average MCAT in respect of students arriving as new entrants or aspiring for admission into the schools.

For details on MCAT one can log on to some educative website offering the information as well as extracts from Cambridge Encyclopedia volumes.

Importance of MCAT Average Scores

MCAT average scores are also important for ranking of the schools.

* High average MCAT scores is always a matter of prestige for the medical schools.
* All the highly ranked medical schools have high MCAT scores.
* Since better schools rope in students with higher MCAT scores, their average MCAT scores go up considerably.
* Though the high average MCAT score is not the only indicator of the prestige of the schools, it is still quite important.

MCAT Average Scores at National Levels

National level average MCAT scores are determined on the basis of

* Statistics is gathered by the AAMC from all schools on their average MCAT.
* The data is used to generate the national level MCAT.
* It gives an idea about the performance of the students in different schools and on the whole and AAMC suggests necessary changes for improvement.

Incidentally, the top ranking MCAT schools have average in the range of 10-12. However, their ranking is not always proportional to their MCAT average and there are schools lower in rank though having a little higher MCAT average. gives detailed information on medical schools in the country with the highest school scores. Besides giving highest scores, it also provides average MCAT scores of respective schools based on relevant extracts from Cambridge Encyclopedia for viewers.

Red Merlot Discuss Wounded Scores

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There is no doubt that Neuer is on Bayern Hogan, otherwise Hoeness not say that. Bayern Munich goalkeeper Oliver Kahn with the Bayern Munchen Football Shirt had to believe that Bayern need a world class goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon, before he should buy, and now believes the club should buy Noelle. Naheneisi words, when the Neuer in this direction to go after him, Bayern won the Neuer only a matter of time.

Soccer Jersey is to get more details.

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