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Annual Maintenance Cost of ERP Software

ERP implementation involves huge financial investments that do not end with implementation. Therefore, it is essential for a proper analysis of the expenses that should include hidden costs, direct and indirect costs and Annual Maintenance Costs (AMC) of ERP software before fixing a deal. Selection of the right ERP software according to the requirement and financial strength of the organization is vital for successful running of the ERP. Proper cost analysis of ERP software will reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide high ROI (Return on Investment).

The annual maintenance cost of ERP software depends on a number of factors like hardware and software maintenance, number of users, renewal of licenses, server maintenance, updating, customization and inclusion of add-ons. Often, the organizations have to bear an AMC of about 20% of the total cost as this is essential to keep the ERP system upgraded according to the market demands.

Running a third party application may invite huge maintenance costs as the organization cannot refrain from updating. Moreover, it is not at all wise to reduce the annual maintenance cost as a step to reduce the IT expenses. An organization is able to use only 80% of the total ERP features provided, and there is always a need for further assistance. Again, old database and out dated servers do not fetch the desired benefits as the operating systems change frequently. The life cycle of every ERP system gets limited with its usage, and sometimes it becomes too expensive to replace the whole infrastructure based on market demands.

An organization cannot go without annual maintenance cost and rely on the old database and outdated software versions of the ERP expecting high growth margins. These are important factors that every organization has to factor in before going for ERP implementation. Organizations, able to harness the technological advancements paying optimal annual maintenance costs for ERP are sure to get higher ROI.

Nowadays many vendors include Annual Maintenance Cost with their ERP software. Therefore, the onus lies on the organization to analyze the current and future requirements wisely and negotiate an acceptable deal. This will optimize the Annual Maintenance Cost without hindering the business processes. Many organizations have succeeded in fixing the best deal through bargains with the vendors. Regular updating of the ERP is carried out by the vendors at a reasonable cost. The vendors are benefited as their earnings pour in uninterruptedly through these long term deals. In the competitive market, every organization is compelled to reach out for updated versions of ERP to keep things moving on expected lines.

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What Kind Of Reports Can Courier Software Generate?

There are many different features of courier software which are designed to improve operations within the courier company, and others which are designed to make life easier for the customers. Then, there are the few features which are equally beneficial to both parties. One of these features is the reporting structure which is included in most package delivery software. Clients and couriers should be able to benefit greatly from this type of feature.

There are any different types of reports which are built in as standard reporting options in most types of courier software. A common type of report would be an accounts billable report for the courier to generate. This is a useful tool for their accounting and billing departments.

Inventory reports are another common use of the reporting features included in courier software. Many courier companies not only deliver packages, but also maintain large storage facilities and warehouses, and offer full scale distribution services. In this situation, they are often maintaining inventory for their clients. Both the clients of the courier company and the courier company use inventory reports on a regular basis.

The most useful feature of the reporting within most courier programs though is the ability to generate custom reports. This is something which the courier companies and their clients both use a great deal. When you can create custom reports, you can create reports which contain the exact information that you require. This helps to prevent you from printing reports which only partially meet your own requirements, and instead lets you get the exact data that you require for any specific operation.

Custom reporting is a feature which more and more courier programs include. They are not all created exactly equal though. Some custom reporting features are going to allow more customization and more specific fields to set by the users. Generally, the more complex the features are, the better they are. Even if you don’t use all of the different ways that you can customize a report, having the capacity to do so is important. It is always preferable to have capabilities in the software that you don’t need rather than finding that it comes up short when you’re trying to generate a specific type of report. Customers of courier companies with very complex shipping operations may consider asking the courier about the reporting functions of their software before they open an account with them.

Calvin Couris is a consultant for courier software and software for courier companies as well as international courier service businesses.

Courier Computer Software Reporting And Just How It Will Help Your Organization

Most couriers rely a whole lot on package delivery software they used in their particular company. This application is familiar with enhance interior functions and make the whole organization perform at a greater amount. In addition, it’s going to through the internet program that consumers used to spot orders and demands using company. Eventually, it should offer the organization with several crucial reporting features which allows them to analyze and improve performance of these company.

You will find usually a number of stating features being built right into the courier software. The standard reporting choices are going to be seen among all of the most readily useful applications which are available to you. This can include stating regarding the sales for payment duration. This could be 30 days, a bi-weekly, or once a week period. Probably, it’s possible to report over whatever duration you want. Product sales reports can also usually be custom made even on an account by account basis if it is of good use towards courier.

Records billable are another reporting function that will be commonly used in courier computer software. The bookkeeping reports in most their aspects tend to be one of the most popular. This is especially true because people usually use this function never to export stand alone reports, but instead to get the courier software to deliver the reporting information right to their particular bookkeeping software which they use to handle their publications.

Of the many different reporting functions that courier software includes, the one function that most people appreciate more may be the capability to create customized reports. Personalized reporting offers a courier the capability to generate the information to boost their company using whichever methods they feel tend to be more effective predicated on their enterprize model. The greater amount of versatile a custom reporting function is, the better use a courier business will be capable of making of it, usually making the programs with customizable reporting features best in the industry.

Another feature this is certainly enjoyed by courier organizations inside their application is compared to to be able to interface with custom reporting pc software. Many companies make use of an independent reporting system to control and evaluate all facets of their business. If their courier program can export reports which you can use by their standalone reporting program, it offers them a complete better computer software collection. This is certainly an element that lots of couriers seek when shopping for delivery software.

Calvin Couris is a consultant for courier computer software and courier total computer software companies including international courier service companies.

6 Questions To Ask Before Buying Bi Report Generation Software

Boost productivity. Improve decision-making. Provide better service to internal and external customers. These three goals are what drive many organizations to look for business intelligence report automation software.

If youre ready to invest in a software to automate your BI activities, youll find many products that — on the surface meet your criteria. Get them in your lab, though, and youll discover glaring differences that make some products rigid, more costly to maintain, and less likely to scale.

To avoid buyers remorse syndrome, here are six questions to ask when evaluating BI report generation and scheduling softwares.

Question #1: How does the software handle changes to BI report templates?
Inevitably, business users will want to change the look, feel, and information contained in their reports. Unfortunately, many products cant handle these changes gracefully, leaving IT to manually rework jobs associated with a changed report template.

Forget, and some products will throw an error or simply generate the report using an old template. Either way, users wont be happy and youll be fielding their calls. Even if you do remember to rework the jobs, theres always a risk that a mistake will be made when manually deleting and re-adding scheduled jobs.

To reduce ongoing BI maintenance costs, youll want a BI report generation and scheduling software like ChristianSteven that eliminates rework. When a template changes, the software will automatically search for and refresh all jobs associated with it.

Question #2: Can the software be programmed to generate BI reports when an event occurs or value in a database changes?
Its a mystery as to why very few BI report scheduling softwares support this feature, especially when you consider the impact that event-based scheduling can have on company performance and profits.

By switching from a time-based maintenance schedule to a ChristianSteven event-based schedule, Cessna Aircraft saves $ 200,000 annually on a single maintenance operation. Still other customers find event-based triggers useful for managing inventory, invoices, cash flow, and support tickets….things that cant be scheduled on a calendar.

Question #3: What happens when stuff goes wrong?
Will business users receive blank reports, or is the system smart enough to detect and resolve the problem without human intervention? A big reason why you buy a BI report generation software is because you want to get out of the babysitting business, but you cant do that entirely if the software you buy doesnt automatically recover from everyday nuances.

With ChristianSteven you can create rules that tell it what to do when an error occurs and define failover procedures for added protection. If a job is taking too long to run, for example, ChristianSteven will automatically kill and restart the job.

ChristianStevens report scheduling and business process automation software works with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Access. Watch online demos on YouTube or download your free, 30-day evaluation copy from the ChristianSteven website. Have a partnership question? Send an e-mail to

Next month Ill wrap up this story with 3 more questions to help you eliminate buyers remorse. Until then, I wish you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season!

ChristianSteven is a premier developer of Business Process Management, CRD, Crystal Reports etc.

BSI to Feature Entropy Software Solution at NAEM’s Annual EHS Management Forum

BSI announced it is featuring its premiere software solution, Entropy, at NAEM’s Annual Management Forum for Environmental and Health and Safety professionals in Indianapolis on October 13 to 15.  Entropy, BSI’s cutting-edge software, is used around the world by leading businesses to achieve and maintain compliance to quality, environmental, and health and safety regulations, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001.


Featuring modules to meet the specific needs for environmental systems managers as well health and safety compliance officers, Entropy allows users to add and integrate any number of risk disciplines into their management process and provides a complete framework for managing risk at a specific site or across the entire organization. The Entropy Solution is designed to manage data effectively and efficiently, improve performance management, provide clearer corporate reporting, and facilitate information and document management.


At NAEM, BSI will provide a brief demonstration of Entropy’s powerful solution at Booth #6. 


About BSI Group


BSI Group is a global independent business services organization that inspires confidence and delivers assurance to over 80,000 customers with standards-based solutions. Originating as the world’s first national standards body, BSI has over 2,500 staff operating in over 140 countries through more than 50 global offices. BSI’s key offerings are:

•   The development and sale of private, national and international standards and supporting information that promote and share best practice

•   Second and third-party management systems assessment and certification in all critical areas of management disciplines

•   Testing and certification of services and products for Kitemark® and CE marking to UK, European and international standards. BSI is a Notified Body for 15 New Approach EU Directives.

•   Certification of high-risk, complex medical devices

•   Performance management software solutions

•   Supply chain security solutions which identify and mitigate risks in supply chains

•   Training services in support of standards implementation and business best practice.


BSI Group America Inc. is the Americas’ division of BSI and the direct website is



BSI, America

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