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Trend Report – Play Pants

Trend Report – Play “Pants”


In the article, we will talk about the fashion trend. I will show you the trend report I find that is playing pants. Recent years have seen great changes in the clothes. Now we will change it through the pants.


Over the past few years, we have the focus of concern for the trend has been gathered in a woman’s skirt in the end of the long on. From mini to knee-length pencil skirt, and nowadays people love to dress below the knee but above the ankle, watching the 50’s retro full skirt and also the return of the popular skirt has been the focus should not be underestimated in women. But for the pants, it seems that has never been out of the “carrot pants, harem pants, pencil pants and tight-fitting leggings” of the cycle, women seem to not care what their own set of legs, as long as the legs are thin like a tightly the.

So starting from the autumn and winter 2010, designers seemed to pick up the tape and scissors, begin to make pants reborn. Celine’s Phoebe Philly, as the initiator of minimalist style, will also be re-cut pants into people’s attention. In addition, Chloe, Salvatore Farrago, Michael Kars, Zach Posen and a series of simple and sophisticated style, brand, also joined the ranks. In Tom Ford’s first lady clothing series, there are plenty of neutral and capable of pants style. Ladies pants, from the spring and summer 2011 season, and in the past will be showing a different style. Wide-leg or straight, to cotton, linen fabric, wool or silk mixed with the main draw men’s tailoring, showing the elegant contours of stiffness.

With the guidelines: Although I have to fawn unbearable point, but denied that the color will always be popular next spring, and fluorescence color with the occupation of wardrobe. A superb cut, the material stiffness of the wide-leg pants, a woman can bring out the most capable, elegant and wise qualities, it is not too complicated for the match. Proposed in this season, dressed in a simple thin sweater or lightweight fabric easy to streamline style shirt. Stiffness of a cut the same simple woolen coat indispensable recommended to choose over-sized models is the currently most popular worn. This wear, of course, is not suitable in the legs wrapped boots, pants sets of boots I do not know which village is more worn, the proposed simple style with high-heeled shoes. In color, choose a single product all the different shades of the same degree of color is the latest fashion focus.

Pandora Liquid Silver are leading the fashion trend day by day,Pandora Match Earrings and Color Cords Pendants are the special gifts for you.

Ericsson reveals TV & Video Consumer Trend Report 2011

Ericsson has released the results of its annual study “TV & Video Consumer Trend Report 2011”, showing that people are spending slightly less time watching scheduled broadcast TV, and they are spending more time watching streamed on-demand TV online. More than 44 (38) per cent of the respondents reported watching Internet-based on-demand TV more than once per week, while about 80 per cent watch broadcast TV more than once per week.More than 44 (38) per cent of the respondents reported watching Internet-based on-demand TV more than once per week, while about 80 per cent watch broadcast TV more than once per week. 


Data was collected in Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK, the US and South Korea. In all, 22 qualitative and 13,000 quantitative interviews were conducted representing almost 400 million consumers. Ericsson ConsumerLab’s trend reports focus on how consumers act and what they think about telecom and TV products and services, helping operators to understand their subscribers and develop revenue generating strategies  helping operators to understand their subscribers and develop revenue generating strategies. 


Anders Erlandsson, Senior Advisor, Ericsson Consumer Lab, said, “Our in-depth interviews, especially those in the US, which is a frontrunner in TV/video consumer trends show how social media usage is impacting viewing. The majority of families combined TV viewing with the use of Twitter, Facebook, texting, voice calls and forum discussions about what they watched. This is particularly the case when watching reality shows and sports. This communication adds another dimension to the TV experience, as consumers found an annoying reality show funnier when they were able to comment on social media about ‘terrible’ singers, ‘ugly’ clothing or when your favourite team scores a goal.”


The majority of families combined TV viewing with the use of Twitter, Facebook, texting, voice calls and forum discussions about what they watched. This is particularly the case when watching reality shows and sports. This communication adds another dimension to the TV experience, as consumers found an annoying reality show funnier when they were able to comment on social media about ‘terrible’ singers, ‘ugly’ clothing or when your favourite team scores a goal.This communication adds another dimension to the TV experience.


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Spring Fashion Trend Report

Although this was a lengthy and rough winter season for most of the country…spring has finally arrived! As we welcome this sought-after season with open arms, we must also take into account spring’s most important technology fashion trends. Trends are like road maps from our most valued designers at They share their secrets with us as they express what they feel is fashionable for the season and most importantly, where we as consumers can go to get it.  Here is our guide to spring’s most coveted accessory trends.

1. Trend: Minimal Whites
White for spring…not groundbreaking. However, Soapbox bags is taking a new spin on the diaper bag, allowing moms to stay fashionable.  This well-designed and practical handbag  is travel friendly, baby proof and even a stylish purse that will satisfy’s all your expected and unexpected needs.

2. Trend: Pale Neutrals
Knomo has laptop bag styles as well as cross-body bags that are are slim and trim and complement your outfit as a fabulous addition.  Just right to stay pale, pretty and perfectly on trend for spring.

3. Trend: Bright Lights, Big Color
Although many of us have promised ourselves that we would never be caught wearing neon colors again we must admit they are so much fun to wear!  For instance, show off your personal style with one of the Hadaki chic and simple laptop bags. Available in luscious colors: green, black, blue, orange and pink, the only question is deciding which color best represents you.

4. Trend: Feeling Floral
Roses are red, violets are blue, thank goodness floral is back in style and will no doubt look good on you! Kara b’s Metro laptop backpack is fun, flirty and most importantly floral. This bag features many functional pockets, keeping you organized.

5. Trend: Craft Fare
There are no scissors and hot glue guns used at Rebagz, however they are perfectly on trend for the seasons Craft Fare. All products from this environmentally friendly company are recycled, reused and completely crafty. These vibrant and hand-woven products come in a variety of shapes and colors but in true arts and crafts style, won’t break the bank.

6. Trend: Minimalism
Greensmart laptop sleeves are straightforward, simple and sleek! Less can really be more, and this bag provides extra protection without the extra weight.  The sleeves are extremely eco-friendly with minimal impact to the environment, using materials like polyester derived from post consumer plastic bottles.


Elaine Sanders, together with Raffaella Camera, co-founded, the best place online to buy laptop bags, totes, backpacks, ipod cases, and other functional fashion accessories from today’s leading designers.

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No Credit Auto Leasing Is the New Trend

Leasing is a payment system for the use of a vehicle for a specified period of time. The leasing amount is to be paid by a person who leases a car. The amount of rent of lease depends on the projected value of a particular vehicle’s depreciation. This depreciation is generally calculated by subtracting a stipulated amount form the car’s original value at the end of the renting period. The value of depreciation of a car depends on its model. There are some cars who depreciate lesser than others and some who depreciate more. The lower the depreciation of a car the less its leasing cost will be. There are many leasing companies who offer better payment options and terms to its customers who lease out car models that are less vulnerable to higher depreciation.

Now-a-days, as competition is cut throat especially in the field of car leasing, there are many companies who have extremely aggressive sales strategies to attract customers. Such companies are even ready to lease out cars to people with poor credit score. This trend can also be termed as No Credit Auto Leasing. This system considers and individual who is above the age of 18 and holds a job. Any such person is eligible for No Credit Auto Leasing in the eyes of such companies. In many parts of US the customers need not pay sales tax on the full value of the leased vehicle. Taxes are only collected on the portion of the value that the customer uses during the lease period. However, most of the cars leasing companies do not offer such credits on rental cars.

Auto leasing has gained immense popularity among customers in the US. This is because car leasing offers a chance to drive the cars of their choice. These cars are often better than they actually can afford to purchase. More over there are many advantages to auto leasing. Apart for allowing customer the pleasure of driving a new car with monthly, daily or even hourly payment options, it also offer the latest safety feature under warranty.

For example when you visit an airport, you what to avoid any hassles. You just want to reach there, catch you plain and finish with the business. The last thing you what is, worrying about airport parking and think about your car’s safety if you find a parking there. Though the airport car parking scenario has improved over the last few years, it can still be an expansive afire.

Here are a few tips for Cheap Airport Parking Houston. The economy zone of any airport car parking is the most advisable. Parking in an economy zone can be a money saver, especially when you are travelling out of town. Though they are a bit far away for the air port, they are always the best choice for Cheap Airport Parking Houston. And do not forget to compare prices of different parking facilities before choosing the most affordable one. But renting an airport drop car is the perfect solution for many.

Elite Rent a Car is one the most affordable car leasing company. It offers various affordable deals and packages to its customers.

2010 Mobile Trend Report

Ten years ago, a mobile phone could barely fit in a purse, let alone your pocket. And more importantly, it was just a mobile phone — calls only. Today, all of your entertainment and communication needs can fit into the back pocket of your Levis. In fact, you have more processing power in your pocket than Apollo 11 had to put two men on the moon. It’s your connectivity to the world and fun: texting, phone, email, movies, calendar, internet, GPS, weather, apps, games and the list goes on.

Over 42 million people in the US enjoy the incredible tech power in smartphones and there are over 270 million mobile subscribers in America. As more users upgrade to a smartphone, particularly the 80 million Baby Boomers, expect a mobile revolution. Accordingly, brands need to optimize websites for mobile, develop apps, create mobile marketplaces and advertisers and mobile developers could cash in on an estimated $ 3.3 trillion mobile market by 2013.

Top 5 Tips for Mobile Web Optimization – As more mobile users access websites through search engines (34 percent increase from ‘08-’09), there is a growing need to ensure mobile browsing experience is simple and user-friendly. To help you develop a successful, engaging user experience on iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and more, we provide a few tips to get you started.

Attention all brands: Apps are the New Website — Branded apps are not, however, mandatory… for now. The growing app tidal wave is an opportunity for brands to engage and entertain current and acquire new users. Just as websites are the cost of developing a business, apps will be soon be another mandatory marketing expense.

Mobile is the Next Smart Platform – Mobile has the web capabilities of desktop computers and incorporates a powerful secondary element: location. Blending web intelligence with geo-location, mobile is the next smart platform.

Google: the Future of Mobile Advertising? — While Google’s mobile ad platform takes a backseat to Apple today, many experts predict the combination of Google’s ad targeting technology and Android growth positions the search giant to jump in the drivers seat and take the lead in what is projected to be a $ 3.3 billion dollar market by 2013.

Mobile Shopping Crossing the Chasm – With e-marketplaces like Amazon, consumers are information explorers, curating all digital resources to find the most relevant content. And…

To read more about mobile trends, go to Sparxoo, a digital marketing, branding and business development blog.

Sparxoo is a business blog that inspires breakthrough by tomorrow’s leaders. We are a strategy consulting firm with a pulse on marketing, branding, and development.

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