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Repayment Card Competitor Tracker: February 2011 – General Market Trends Report announce a new report through its vast collection of researching the market report :

Repayment Card Competitor Tracker: February 2011

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The newest and enhanced repayment Card Competitor Tracker provides expert analysis and viewpoint regarding strategic techniques of leading competitors in the repayment card marketplace. Produced on a monthly basis, the Tracker is an international product and contains already been expanded to over 100+ people, including United states Express, Barclaycard, Capital One, Take a look at, very first Data, HSBC, JCB, MasterCard, traditional Chartered and Visa.

Features and advantages

* Gain priceless information about your crucial rivals in a single concise document, and monitor lasting trends making use of the interactive development database.
* Sharpen your method by applying the most effective marketplace, product, rival and strategic improvements of leading worldwide people.
* discover the Datamonitor Cards & Payments groups view on the main rival advancements into the thirty days.


There are 41 competition improvements analyzed in the February edition of Payment Card Competitor Tracker. It was below the 12-month average of 49 improvements, and below the highs noticed in December (63) and April (57), but had been dramatically more than the lower point reached in August (30).
February saw transport operator Transport for London (TfL) announce that it would start accepting open loop contactless payment cards from 2012 onwards. The roll out begins on London buses before expanding on tube and overground railway systems. This can expand regarding the already preferred closed loop Oyster card contactless ticketing system.
The mobile space saw specifically strong development in February with two times the amount of advancements when compared to 12 thirty days average. In online space, the marketplace for repayments for digital products became more competitive with Visas purchase people based PlaySpan.

Your key concerns answered

* exactly what were the main element new item developments in the industry this month, particularly in contactless, cellular, on the internet and prepaid?
* Which people are in the lead by using these brand new developments, and where will they be occurring?
* How have styles in competition task changed over time, and which areas have become more energetic?

Table of Items :
The Payment Card Competitor Tracker provides both one-month and 12-month views of developments
Improvements in 2011 Payment Card Competitor Tracker series

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Competitive Trends in Global Wealth Management 2011 – Market Analysis Report announce a new report through its vast collection of market research report :

Competitive Trends in Global Wealth Management 2011

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This report provides an overview of the major competitive trends during 2010 and what the top 10 global players, including Pictet, RBC, HSBC, UBS, Credit Suisse and Wells Fargo; were doing in terms of their positioning. The report also provides Wealth & Investments team predictions on the top trends in global wealth management for 2011.

Features and benefits

* Use this report to gain insight into which
territories and client segments the leading wealth managers are targeting
* Identify which wealth mangers have been
most active over the last year and what the largest have focused their efforts on
* Find out what trends will be shaping the
competitive strategies of wealth managers over the coming year.


With all of the threats – be they regulatory, economic, or financial – that can potentially impact upon other banking activities, many of the leading banking groups around the world prioritized growth in the wealth management market as a key part of their overall strategies in the lead up to 2010 and beyond.
With the credit crisis and global recession having a hugely negative effect on the financial services market in 2009, announcements concerning M&A, partnership agreements, and organic growth tapered off. The higher pace of such developments in 2010 means that wealth managers have shifted competitive strategies back to a more normal footing.
In order to combat commoditization, private banks and wealth managers of all types will engage in greater customer segmentation, setting up specialized teams and services designed to appeal to certain ethnic, geographic, national, professional, and social groups.

Your key questions answered

* What will be the major trends affecting competition in 2011?
* What geographies experienced the most staffing changes in 2010?
* Where are global players looking to expand and how?
* What new types of client segmentation are being used by leading wealth managers to gain advantage in the market?

Table of Contents :
Executive Summary
M&A and organic growth in Asia drove the competitive strategy of many top wealth managers
February and November were the most active months for business deals and expansions
Bank of Singapore, OCBC s new private wealth brand, was one of the most high profile new wealth brands in 2010
Key players upgraded their presence in the regional centers of Asia Pacific and the Middle East
While the focus was on Asia, wealth managers still had to compete in developed markets
The developed wealth markets of Western Europe and North America accounted for the majority of staffing announcements
Just under half of all new products were launched for the European market
Customer targeting was focused on wealth segments in 2010 but is showing increasing sophistication
Competitive trends in 2011 will be less driven by the fallout of the credit crisis
M&A will be focused on consolidation of smaller players and businesses in desirable markets
Wealth managers emerging markets strategy will shift to building up operations in target markets
Competitors will focus more on building up those parts of the business that offer the highest margin
Social media and mobile technology will increasingly be a battle ground for clients
Hiring and retaining key personnel will be increasingly challenging
Additional specialized client segmentation propositions will be developed to give banks an edge over rivals

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