The Annual Weston Super Mare Motorbike Beach Race!

It usually happens in October; however the specific dates do alter every year and are totally dependent upon the tides upon the seventh estuary. But when they are right, Weston Super Mare plays host to an amazing spectacle endurance beach race for motorbikes.

Please correct me if I’m wrong in this statement, but I have searched carefully upon the Internet and cannot find another motorbike race like this one which is held in the UK. So this race is really unusual and not something you have probably seen before or will see anywhere else.

The race itself is held at the southern end of the Weston Super Mare beach, just head for the large building at the end of the Beach lawns which used to be the Weston Super Mare hospital.

A week or so before the start of the race local residents become aware of heavy earth moving equipment such as diggers and bulldozers arriving upon the beach. These immediately start pushing digging sand around mostly into compact mounds which make an interesting racing track which seems to change a little bit every year.

These are closely followed by a small army of men who erect scaffolds and lorrys arriving with miles of fencing to separate the competitors and their powerful machines from the spectators. In just a couple of days the beach is converted into a winding race track which must be two or three miles in length.

As the Weston Super Mare and Enduro beach race lasts for the whole weekend, on one day they race quad bikes, and on the second day they race motorbikes and motorbikes and sidecars. They are both really fun to watch, however, the quad bikes and become the favourites of my family.

Within the first action packed lap or two the bikes and quads start to make the course EXTRA testing as they find the soft spots at the corners and the approaches to the jumps. These wet spots and holes quickly get deeper and wider making it really interesting for spectators, many of which spend the majority of the race attempting to free their machines from these quagmires only to be captured by them again on the very next lap.

To make this race even more interesting for the spectators some of the more fun loving among the competitors race in fancy dress and brings an extra big smile to your face as you see Batman or a mountain gorilla appearing over one of the jumps.

On both days the races start at midday and take approximately 3 hours for all the riders the finish. As its autumn the day is usually called and fresh but the spectators, but I imagine very hot and totally exhausting for the competitors.

As you can see I really look forward to this event and I encourage you to give it a try for yourself because I think once experienced you will become a regular visitor. Even on the coldest and wettest day it is still loads of fun, noisy and exciting and very addictive.

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