Y Marconi, And Edison Get Credit For Tesla ‘invention’ Of Radio?

Tesla discovered and proved, that you could transmit sound waves through the atmosphere;(radio IS transmission of sound waves, today called broadcasting). Your radio ‘receiver’, what u think its ‘receiving’? SOUND WAVES, transmitted (broadcast) through the atmosphere. Stronger (more power) the signal, further away the ‘broadcast can be received. Marconi and Edison applied Tesla’ discovery to ‘invent’ radio. Tesla invented, discovered it. Tesla even refused to share the Nobel Prize w Edison, for radio invention, calling him disdainfully a ‘mere inventor’, while he considered himself a ‘discover of scientifio principles’.

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Cause he turned down Prize, and Edison accepted, everyone BELIEVES Edison ‘invented’ radio. Not true, it was Tesla, who also discovered alternating current, which is electricity in every house in world. Makes it possible to ‘send’ electricity via ‘lines’ thousands of miles.

Edison a proponet of direct current., which needs power source nearby. Car battery, flashlight battery, own generator are examples of direct current. AC?DC, get it? Tesla invented AC, Edison built power stations for DC, had to be paractically next door. Tesla resposible for Niagra Falls 1st power station, usinf AC to send elec far, very far.

If you research carefully, you’ll see that Thomas Edison was not a great guy. He was a brilliant inventor, and an even better patent stealer. Tesla’s alternate current was invented first, and he wanted to make electricity available for free to the world.

When Edison heard about this, he made a “demonstration” of how unsafe alternating current was by electrocuting an elephant to death with AC, making people believe that it was dangerous and using Edison’s direct current(DC) as a result. The truth of the matter was that Edison cared more about making money that bettering mankind.

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